Three Truths and One Wish

keepgoing A warning for you, kind and gentle reader: this post is completely and utterly unplanned. When I realized this morning that it was Tuesday, but that I also was two days behind on Reverb12, I thought there was no way this post was going to happen. I had no idea what I wanted to say (this is pretty typical) and Eric walked the dogs for me this morning, so that strategy for coming up with something wasn’t going to happen, and I wrote off this post. And then, just a little while ago, thinking about maybe starting to work on my second reverb post, my fingers started itching to tell some truth, so here we are…who knows what’s going to happen.

1. Truth: Waiting for your life to happen, for the magic to work itself, for your fairy godmother to arrive and fix everything is a bad plan. Your invitation isn’t in the mail, an owl isn’t going to show up to take you to Hogwarts, you don’t need another degree or a fancy set of letters after your name, you shouldn’t wait until you’ve lost 10 pounds or have more money or time. If you are waiting for something to happen, stop waiting and happen.

2. Truth: Resisting, refusing, or even running away from the thing you know you want, the work you long for, the experience you dream of, the life you’ve always wanted generates suffering. That suffering grows in equal measure to your denial, your rejection. That hunger will demand to be fed by something, that longing will find satisfaction somehow, and as Brene’ Brown says, “Unused creativity is not benign. It turns into grief, judgement and shame.” Unexpressed love becomes toxic, turns to poison.

3. Truth: You can start now, you should. There is nothing else you need to wait for, nothing can stop you from taking that first step. The obstacles have no real power, you may begin, you can start now, start over now, take one tiny step. If you need permission, here it is: Go ahead. This is who you are meant to be. You know what to do. Deep breath and go.

One wish: That you know, from this moment on, that what Tulku Thondop says is true, “Every person has a unique view, need, and ability,” and you realize that because this is true, the world needs you, we need you to manifest your ability, embody your unique view, the world needs you to open your heart and give your gift. If you don’t, it will be lost to us forever. Do what you came here to do. We are all counting on it.

8 thoughts on “Three Truths and One Wish

  1. Sherry Richert Belul

    Oh,Jill. I am so glad this post came flying out of your heart and fingertips onto the page. I especially especially resonated with the last line: Do what you came here to do. We are all counting on it.

    What occurs to me is that the person most counting on it is inside of us. *I* need to me do what I came here to do.

    Today I was slated to be the guest on someone’s blog talk radio show. Before the show I was feeling kinda quiet and in that vulnerable place of “what the heck do I have to offer people?” But then I got on the call, cuz that was what life called for, and I realized that IT IS ALL ABOUT SHOWING UP FOR MYSELF. (You actually helped me to see this last week, Jill — but I guess we need these lessons more than once!)

    For whatever reason, life gave me this inner longing to talk to people about celebrating the life they have — and every time I open my mouth to speak about it, I get to remember that this is my practice. So even when the ducks aren’t lined up (which they seldom are) and even when the kitchen chairs are duct taped together (which they always are) I get to remember to love my life. It’s the frosting on the cake when what I offer touches others. 🙂

    But you are so right about the waiting around. It does turn toxic. And that girl inside me gets to feeling really lonely/unheard.

    Thanks for your unplanned, but utterly wonderful post!

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      You’re welcome, in more ways than one–to your gratitude and for your presence. It makes me so happy that you got here so fast, responded so fast, because I was feeling a little shaky about this one. I think because I usually am so sure what I want to write about, and this time I just dove in, did exactly what I suggest in the post, deep breath and go. It felt a little scary, so to have it resonate with you was a relief.

  2. Amy Stewart

    Damn. You are mind reading again, without knowing it. ” you don’t need another degree or a fancy set of letters after your name, you shouldn’t wait until you’ve lost 10 pounds or have more money or time. If you are waiting for something to happen, stop waiting and happen.” — that pretty much sums up where I have been living in my head for the past week or two….the waiting part, not the making it happen.

    Thank you for the reminder & permission.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Amy! I have missed your voice, knowing what you are up to, and am so glad to see you here, so happy that this message was for you too. I am aware this week especially that if you show up and do the work, whatever that “work” is, if you start it shows that you mean it, and as soon as you begin, the Universe (or God, or whatever its name is, however you understand it and relate to it) shows up to support you, to start helping, but it seems to first need to be sure you really want it. That’s my theory anyway 🙂

  3. Stephanie at Visible and Real

    I agree with your theory above, and this also resonates with me, as I’m sitting on campus, exhausted at a computer, wondering what my heart work is, and wondering what I need to do or become to make it work… and realize that while I need certain knowledge, the basic presemise is already there is my heart.

    And I’m making no sense, but know I appreciate this… immensely.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      You are making total and complete sense, Stephanie, maybe just because I’ve been where you are, all of it: the exhaustion, the confusion, the effort, the being sure and not being sure all at once. I am wishing you rest and ease now, restoration and clarity.

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