August Break: Day Nineteen

Dexter got to come home yesterday. We marveled all day about how on a sedative he was the same boy, only to discover when we gave him what we thought was his second dose of the day that they must have forgotten to give him one in the morning, because he passed out for almost four hours. This morning, we decided to only give him half the dose. He’s supposed to stay on sedation for three days, to keep him “quiet” and calm, to help him heal. I am simply thankful to have him back home, even if pretty much all he’s doing is sleeping.

Last night, Dexter went to his crate and got his Little D, brought him into the living room where I was and chewed on his leg “bones” (the beans in his feet). This made me very happy. The strange gift of this crisis is that it makes waiting for biopsy results not such a big deal–when you think your dog won’t make it through the night and he does, you are simply grateful for that small grace, the gift of getting to see him one more time.

P.S. This is my 400th blog post.

4 thoughts on “August Break: Day Nineteen

  1. Kimberly Fields

    Happy 400th post, and happy bonus days with Dexter. I still can’t quite imagine a dog that babies a plush toy rather than destroys it, and I love that you’ve shared that bit of him with us through your blog entries.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      I know, right? Both my other dogs eventually destroyed every toy, either on purpose (Obi) or just playing too rowdy with it (Sam), but Dexter has always been a dog that as long as it’s safe to put in his mouth, you can give him any toy. This does cause problems when I have real baby or kid toys intended for humans–if he finds them, he steals them. How is Sally?


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