Wishcasting Wednesday

Where do you wish to be fierce?

I had to look this word up before making my wish, to be sure I understood it. It can mean terrible things–violence, aggression, brutality, severity, and savagery. But there is another energy in it’s meaning: showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity; eager, relentless, ardent, bold, passionate, strong. This is power.

Mindfulness and awareness can be heartfelt and intense. Curiosity can be eager. Joy can be relentless. Wisdom can be ardent. Compassion can be bold. An open and tender heart can be passionate and strong.

Love can be fierce. Gentleness can be fierce. Stillness and quiet can be fierce. The truth can be fierce.

So where do I wish to be fierce?

I wish to be fierce in love, as it is the heart of everything else. I said as much in another Wishcasting Wednesday post, where I shared that, “I keep coming back to love being the answer to every question, the fix for every problem” and I wrote a list of what more love would do for the world.

I wish to be fierce with my voice, my commitment to the truth. I want to be a champion for myself and for those who haven’t yet discovered their voice. I want the clarity and strength of sharing my truth to remind people who they are, that they are basically good, compassionate and wise, and that they are necessary–we think we are rocks, but we are gold. I want to be an oracle of the wildness and preciousness of this world, this life. “Life is weird. Hard. Also beautiful.” I want to remind people, wake them up with the fierce nature of the truth.

I wish to be fierce in self-care. I want to be so ardent, so compelling and relentless that I can’t help but trust myself, to give in. I want to be met with such ardent self-love that I drop any doubt and all resistance to it.

I wish to be fierce in my practice, which is the training ground for love. Practice that expands my capacity for love, connects me to truth, that center where my innate wisdom and compassion wait, so that everything else I do comes from there, from that.

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