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Gratitude Friday

image by eric

image by eric

1. Ringo. His first vet visit went well — our vet, whose been one for almost 50 years, said “the way he’s letting me handle him, I can tell he’s going to be a super dog” — he’s sleeping so good (slept in until 6 am this morning, with one potty break at 3:30 am), will entertain himself in his crate long enough for me to finish this blog post, and is in general less bitey and crazed.

with that spot of black on his left cheek, he looks like he's always smiling

with that spot of black on his left cheek, he looks like he’s always smiling

2. More snow. Our backyard was getting pretty soupy yesterday with the last snow melting, and with the ground covered again, there’s less stuff for Ringo to get into, try to eat.

3. Yoga practice teaching. We’ll pair up tonight and practice, and I noticed yesterday that the full group warmup session I signed up for will be when we are on retreat at the Shoshoni Ashram — so cool.

4. Feeling better, more confident and at ease, settled. I don’t know if I told you, but I was in a bad way, feeling pretty awful — oh wait, that’s kind of all I’ve been talking about. 🙂

5. Eric. I know I’ve said this before, but I just couldn’t do it without him.

Bonus Joy: Sam. I still worry about him, feel sad about his jaw and the irritation it causes, the restriction it requires, but I love him so much. He’s such a good dog.


image by eric

#smallstone: Path

Not all paths are the same. This morning on our walk, Sam and I traveled one section of trail that was covered in snow and ice. There were slick patches and in other spots it shifted under our feet like we were walking on sand. It took more effort and time to walk this.

It reminded me of something I told Eric last night, about how when this intense puppy phase passes our “normal” lives will seem so easy in comparison. I told him about how I’d sat on the couch eating a big salad for lunch and actually watched some tv, and even though I didn’t get to watch a whole show before Ringo woke up and needed to go out, it seemed like such a luxury. Eric suggested that while that might be true, after you feel normal for awhile you forget to notice that it’s anything special.

It was like that on our walk this morning. After walking the side trail, we landed on a section of cleared paved path, smooth and solid. It felt so easy to walk on it, almost like we were floating, but it didn’t take long before I forgot and it was just walking, the awareness of ease replaced by noticing how cold I felt, how far we still had to go before returning home, how much work I needed to get done today, the worries and concerns and busyness creeping back in, distorting and confusing the previous sense of ease and joy.

I watched myself do this, aware of the suffering I generated. As an antidote, I felt my breath, saw the deep blue flutter of a single Blue Jay, noticed the turning colors of the sky, and felt such deep gratitude for the heart-shaped patch of snow and tiny splash of white fur inbetween Sam’s toes.

#smallstone: Walk

ringosfirstwalkRingo accidentally went on his first walk yesterday. His new harness came in the mail and we were testing it out. I didn’t want to risk walking him just on a neck collar because he sometimes backed out of it, just like Dexter used to do. I put the harness on while Eric held Ringo, and then we put him down. For the first few minutes he fought it — backing up, biting and scratching at it, rolling around on the floor, whining and limping like he was being wounded, but then he got distracted and forgot about it.

I got some treats and clipped on a leash, walking him up and down the length of the kitchen. Just as I was about to go out in the backyard with him, I realized I could now risk taking him somewhere else, so went out to explore the front yard. Unlike our other three puppies, who were too afraid at first to leave our yard, Ringo immediately started walking down the street, wanting to explore. After a few houses, I realized I was taking him on his first walk and Eric was missing it, so we turned around. Eric and Sam were heading out on their afternoon walk anyway, so they went around the block with us. It was so nice, to be four again, walking together. Just on that short walk, Ringo saw (and sometimes barked at) a woman on a bike with a dog, lots of cars, a few people, and two dogs barking at us from their yard.

This is a big deal. Walking is our thing, it’s what our pack does and loves the most. To have one dude who couldn’t go, meaning we couldn’t ever go together, was sad, and I hadn’t expected it to happen so quickly, so easily. He still can’t be expected to go too far, but he can go.

He also figured out the Kong this week. How to hold it, throw it, get out the food frozen inside. Anything safe that will occupy his time and attention right now seems like a miracle.


Gratitude Friday

1. Simple self-care. Clean sheets, a warm shower, dental floss, wool socks and slippers, a big cold glass of water, a quick nap while the puppy naps.

2. Surrender. Relaxing into the puppiness that is, finding some ease amidst the hyper vigilance and unrealistic expectations. Sitting with him in my lap, warm and soft.

3. Sam. He’s being such a good big brother, so tolerant and willing to accept some new boundaries. He’s back on three times a day meds and it seems to be helping.

image by erc

image by eric

4. Eric, the best co-parent ever.

5. Dr. Lindsey Fry and the support staff at Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital. Sam went for an acupuncture session this week and I was reminded how much I adore this place, these people, even though I wish I had no need for them.

Bonus Joy: Snow. It is cold, but it covered up our yard in a blanket of white that keeps most of the stuff Ringo shouldn’t be getting into buried. Why oh why is it that a puppy who might not finish his dinner wants to eat his own body weight in sticks and other debris?

Gratitude Friday


image by eric

I forgot it was Friday…

1. Warmer weather, less wind, a full moon. With a new puppy, this has made it easier to get outside, stay outside for awhile.

2. Eric. I do not know what I would do without him.

3. Snuggle Puppy. Ringo has been settling down to sleep at night pretty well, and I think it’s all because of his toy that is warm and has a battery operated heartbeat.

4. Water. A tall glass of clean, cold water.

5. A hot shower. Flossing my teeth, using the good hand lotion.

Bonus Joy: Sam. After a bit of a rough start with the new pup, he’s being so good with him. And yesterday he had a rough day that included another trip to the Neurologist, but he was so good about all of it.



#smallstone: Pictures

samhikingloryMy favorite thing about smartphones is that they have a camera, which means Eric can text me pictures when he and Sam are hiking.

samhikinglory02I wish I could be with them, instead of at work like I usually am, but second best is to be able to see what they see, how beautiful it is, to know that they are together there, that they are thinking of me.

ericandsamhikingloryThe only thing better would be if dogs knew how to text, if they could learn English and how to spell, take a picture and attach it. Then I could send Sam a message when we are at work and he’s home alone, ask him how he’s doing, tell him I love him and we’ll be home soon. He’d text me back a selfie of himself on the couch, “Keeping an eye on things here. Everything is okay. About to take another nap. Love and miss you, Mom!” That would be awesome.


Gratitude Friday

samhiking041. Lemon Poppyseed Scones from Whole Foods.

2. Found recipe for Tomato Rhubarb Chutney. I can’t wait until we have fresh tomatoes again, for eating and to try this recipe. Our friends had a jar of tomato chutney on Christmas, served with cheese and crackers, and I could have eaten it straight out of the jar with a spoon. It was so good.

3. The Great Clear Out. I’ve been working for close to two weeks on clearing out my office space, which led to cleaning the garage, the front closet and dresser, and the “dog cabinet.” It feels so good to clear out some space, let go of things that no longer serve me, clean up and make room.


new shelves in the closet for my journals

4. Meditation practice. I’ve been having some horrible anxiety lately, as we try to figure out what’s up with Sam, determine how to help him, keep him comfortable (he has some sort of nerve issue in his lower jaw), and meditating is one of the only things that helps me to calm down.

5. Being on break with Eric. He’s one of the other things that helps me calm down. It’s good to get to spend some extra time with him right now.

Bonus Joy: The way Sam sometimes curls his feet under when he sleeps. This morning, he got on this bed under my writing desk because Eric had started the dryer and Sam has decided he doesn’t like laundry. He digs himself a little nest in the corner and tries not to think about it.