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Full Harvest Moon Dreamboard

Jamie says of this full moon: Today we’re celebrating the Full Harvest Moon, welcoming the abundance of our dreams, expressing gratitude for what has arrived and welcoming in even more!

The Full Harvest Moon asks:
what would you love an abundance of?

Parts of this dreamboard came to me in a dream. It was me, wrapped in mosquito netting, but I didn’t feel scared or trapped–it was like being covered, protected in a layer of stillness, softness, and quiet.

What else do I want in abundance, plenty to last me through the winter, besides stillness and quiet? What do I want during this season “when the soul lies down in that grass” and “the world is too full to talk about”?

Calm, peace, ease, rest, tenderness, gentleness, surrender.

The warm glow of love, kindness and connection.

Nature and creativity, the possibility of flight, courage and an open heart.

Time and practice, patience and wisdom.

Simplicity and space.