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Day of Rest

Don’t be motivated by money, or safety, or comfort. Don’t do what you think others want or will like, what you think will earn you love and belonging, what will make you seem cool or help you to fit in.

Be motivated by love.

Be love, embodied and manifested.

This is who you are: wise, compassionate, and awake.


I’ve been thinking a lot about questions this week. About knowing the right ones to ask, being curious, listening and looking for answers everywhere. One reason is because I have the opportunity to ask a single question of an Intuitive Counselor I met at the World Domination Summit this summer (we talked the whole time about dogs, so I liked her immediately, knew she was some sort of coach, but not the specifics of her work until I looked her up later). I have the chance to get her help in getting clear about something important to me. I am working on the question, trying to carefully craft it, aware that the difference between “how” and “what” in a case like this can be enormous, and not wanting to be like one of those people in those old stories who are granted three wishes and completely screw it up, wasting the whole lot of them because they don’t word them wisely.

I’ve talked before about how I love divination, intuition, auspicious concidence, serendipity: a chance meeting, an unexpected connection, a feather in my path, a heart-shaped rock, picking a random line from a sacred text, tarot readings, throwing I-Ching coins, Hiro Boga’s Deva Cards, dream interpretation, Q-Cards qcasting, or any such oracle through which the universe might send me a message.

As I’ve said before, “Go ahead and think I’m weird, but I believe it’s just one more way to get clear about where I am and what I should be focusing on. I think this is one of the ways the Universe sends me messages, because I open my heart and ask, but even if it’s just a message from my unconscious or random chance that doesn’t really mean anything, I find it a useful tool for gaining some insight on my current situation, whatever that happens to be.”

And this week, Jamie Ridler provided two opportunities for getting clear, for asking the questions. The first was the Full Moon Dreamboard, the Full Frost Moon, which asked “What is clear about your dreams? What further clarity do you seek?” And, on the same day was Wishcasting Wednesday, which asked “What clarity do you wish for?” I didn’t even post about the wishcast, wrote it in my journal instead since I’d already posted that day about my search for clarity and what I’d discovered through my dreamboard practice. I didn’t want to bore you, kind and gentle reader.

But I can’t stop thinking about it, and it keeps coming up. Susan Piver shared with the Open Heart Project Practitioners a collection of questions she’s considering as we move into a new year, I am getting daily Wisdom Notes and prompts from Rachel Cole, and I’m in charge of coming up with a set of questions, contemplations for a collective of courage cultivators I’ll be meeting with in a few weeks. And yesterday I read Kat’s post on I Saw You Dancing, and it was all about seeking clarity, “I’m trying to understand who I am, why I am here, what I am going to do with this one precious life of mine.” What she discovered is

The destination I had reached was, in fact, exactly where I was already standing. And all the stuff that I am meant to do in this life is, in fact, stuff that I am already doing.

I keep bumping up against this idea, that I already am. It was the third truth in my Three Truths and One Wish post this week, “I don’t need to become something else, because I am already.” The comment I left for Kat said how much I loved her post, how she’d described the process,

The rambly abstract brilliant mess of this life we live, where we look and look and search and try and question and run around crazy, only to realize in one moment, in a flash that our feet and our breath are right there, the ground is right there, our heart beats the same rhythm it has from the very beginning.

Kat is hosting Reverb12 during the month of December, and as host she will provide daily prompts that help those of us participating to “reflect on the year that has passed and start to manifest your dreams for the new year.” More specifically, they will be about “celebrating the successes of 2012, honouring the challenges of 2012, and planting the seeds for a rich and rewarding 2013.”

The places I’m currently seeking clarity, where I have questions seem to be all related to obstacles, the things keeping me from living my best, healthiest and most wholehearted life, from fully realizing my dreams. I wish to be clear about working with those who are suffering and confused (both in my personal and work relationships, and with people I don’t even really know), I want to know how I can best help, I would like to understand the specifics of how I might turn my heart’s work into my paid work, I wish to realize how to completely let go of old habits and thought patterns that no longer serve me, I’d like to be clearer about my “thing” (where should I be focusing my time, my attention, my love? do I need further specialization or certification to fully step into my purpose? if so, what?). How to ask all that in the form of a single question is my immediate challenge.

While I understand that I don’t need to change, that I am already worthy and whole just as I am, fundamentally wise and compassionate and awake, and I am already thoroughly in love with my life as it is and full of gratitude for what I have, I’m so curious about what’s going to happen next.

Q is for Question

image by f/oxymoron

I love a question’s sense of curiosity, its longing to connect and understand, even its doubt, and it’s ability to prompt a response. Even if it’s a question you refuse to answer out loud, even if its asking offends you, you find yourself thinking about it, pondering, wondering, and maybe, eventually, arriving at knowing.

  • an expression of inquiry that invites or calls for a reply; an interrogative sentence, phrase, or gesture
  • to seek, ask, inquire, quiz, query, examine
  • a subject or point open to controversy; an unsettled issue; a point or subject under discussion or being considered; a difficult matter or problem
  • uncertainty, possibility, a feeling or expression of doubt about the truth or validity of something, not knowing

A life coach once told me that the essence of coaching was knowing the right questions to ask, gently guiding clients to their own truth, allowing them to investigate, consider, and arrive at an authentic answer, a personal realization, deep knowing.

image by f/oxymoron

And you, when will you begin that long journey into yourself? ~Rumi

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?
~Mary Oliver, The Summer Day

What are you truly hungry for? ~Rachel Cole

What do you long to say with your life? ~Patti Digh

Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is the meaning of all this? ~Every Human Who Has Ever Lived

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? ~The Kid in That Commercial


Danielle LaPorte’s The Burning Question Series: She says, “Generally, I think people should ask more questions. Of themselves. Of each other. Questions are doorways that lead to higher consciousness…or pop culture trivia. Both are good.”

Writing for me is the process of asking questions and searching for answers.

I ask the birds where to find joy, and expect them to know because of their understanding of song and flight.

I ask the fish “how’s the water?” but their only answer is “what’s water?”

Sometimes, the questions are new, different, and unfamiliar. Other times, it’s the same old question, again and again, over and over, never an answer.

image by walknboston

It’s good to be curious, but at times, it’s also good to be silent, to ask for nothing, to be content, where you are, as you are, with reality just as it is. For me, meditation is an opportunity to listen for answers. And when there are no answers, I sit, still and quiet, with the vast, unconditional silence and space that is beyond questions and their answers.