Something Good

Horsetooth Reservoir, image by Eric

1. 8 Things I’ve Learnt About Going Gently from Satya Robyn. “My recipe for a softer life in a harsh world.”

2. Please Help Patrick Post-Bone Marrow TransplantHe’s still fighting and still needs support.

3. On Morning Pages from Summer Brennan. “The value and pitfalls of a daily writing practice.”

4. Mental Health Tip From My Dog from Andrea Gibson. “How to not add more pain to our pain.”

5. Learning to Embrace Goodbye from Frederick Joseph. “However the end comes, it is always within our grasp to say the best goodbye by weaving the essence of what is gone into the fabric of who we are and what will be.”

6. Why Introverts Need Alone Time to Be Creative.

7. Dani Shapiro: Dharma & Devotion on Lion’s Roar. “Dani Shapiro talks about being raised Orthodox Jewish, uncovering a decades-old family secret, and writing her new novel — her most spiritual work yet.”

8. Wisdom from Omkari Williams“We cannot possibly address, or even keep track of, all of these issues. So what do we do? I think that what we do is we narrow our focus and get micro. It’s what I teach in my workshops and write about in my book. In a time when we are being confronted by so many things the best thing that we can do is focus. Pick one or two things we’re going to work on and dive deep. Put our attention there and make the difference that we can in that arena.

We are living in complicated times and it can be so tempting to just turn away from all that is happening. Our job, as citizens of this planet, is to make a positive difference. It doesn’t have to be a huge difference, this isn’t a competition, it just needs to be the difference we can make. That’s the price we pay for our being here, on this planet, at this moment. We do what we can, in the way that we can, for as long as we can.”

9. Is There Life After Influencing? on The New York Times. “The internet personality Lee From America wanted to see what life was like as plain old Lee Tilghman. She’s not alone. But leaving behind lucrative brand partnerships and high follower counts is harder than it looks.”

10. Should You Pay For Twitter’s New Blue Check? from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds.

11. Introduction to The Language of Trees: A Rewilding of Literature and Landscape by Ross Gay.

12. Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Kids On Diets – Full Interview from Ragen Chastain.

13. David Rakoff in “This American Life: The Invisible Made Visible.” (video)

14. Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus(podcast) “Julia Louis-Dreyfus wants to know why the hell we don’t hear more from older women, so she’s sitting down with Jane Fonda, Carol Burnett, Amy Tan, Diane von Furstenberg, Isabel Allende and Fran Lebowitz (and more!) to get schooled in how to live a full and meaningful life. Join the Emmy award winning-est actress of all time on her first-ever podcast, where each week she has funny, touching, personal conversations with unforgettable women who are always WISER THAN ME.”

15. Living for dinnertime from Austin Kleon.

16. A Path to Well-Being: Embrace Silence for Stronger Mindfulness. “Understanding how to exist with our own thoughts can provide powerful health benefits.”

17. Recipe I want to try: Chicken Pot Pie Soup. My husband makes a version of this that we call “deconstructed chicken pot pie.” Also, I need these oatmeal cookies.

18. Poet Rosemerry Trommer hits bestseller lists.

19. Tucker Carlson departs Fox News following network’s $787 million settlement.

20. Murphy the eagle steps in as stepdad(video) On CBS Sunday Morning, “At World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Mo., the plight of Murphy, a bald eagle who was reduced to incubating a rock, aroused social media sympathy, until an orphaned eaglet was brought to the sanctuary for care, and the two have hit it off. Jane Pauley reports.”

21. Formidable wood-carved sculptures of wildlife animals in miniature by Tomohiro Suzuki.

22. therxckstxr on InstagramThe most hilarious voice over animal videos on the internet.

23. 8 Books for Anyone Curious About Meditation on The New York Times. “We asked experts — mindfulness teachers, spiritual leaders, and scientists — for their favorite beginner-friendly titles.”

24. Amazingly intricate and colorful vertical tattoos by Jing.

25. The intricate figurative art carved out of feathers by Chris Maynard.

26. ‘Good Trouble Quilts’: Civil Rights Memorial Center exhibit celebrates John Lewis.

27. U.S. completes old-growth forest inventory, plans to protect woodlands.

28. 5 Expert Tips to Manage Burnout and Find Queer Joy“Spiritual and mental health experts explain why queer people are burnt out, and what we can do about it.”

29. How stress can increase your biological age and how to reverse it.

30. What a U.S. Poet Laureate Wants to Pass Down on The New York Times Style Magazine. “Joy Harjo’s work is rooted in the Native community, a respect that’s shared by the poet and writer Layli Long Soldier.”

32. How to Break Up with Your Therapist“Ending any relationship is hard, let alone one with a therapist. Queer mental health experts explain how to know when it’s time.”

33. Return of the romcom: the genre is thriving again – but with new values“For a dose of hope in hard times, romcoms still do the trick. Just don’t expect to see a remake of Pretty Woman any time soon.”

34. How Rural America Steals Girls’ Futures on The Atlantic.

35. Wellmania | Official Trailer | Netflix (video). Just finished watching this and LOVED it. If you liked Fleabag, Somebody Somewhere, You’re The Worst, or I’m Sorry, you’ll probably like this too.

36. 5 things to remember when a friendship ends.

37. Everything But the Girl: Fuse review – still staking out pop’s frontier after 40 years“Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt have absorbed the revolutions in dance and electronic music since their previous album in 1999, and shaped them into melancholic, finely detailed stories.”

38. Gastro Doctors Share The 1 Food They Never (Or Rarely) Eat“The experts on gas, bloating, colon cancer and other digestive issues share what they avoid themselves.”

39. Netflix To Bring Down the Curtain on Its DVD-by-Mail Service.

40. My Transplanted Heart and I Will Die Soon on The New York Times.

41. How Do You Create a Container Garden? Start Here. on The New York Times. “From the choice and arrangement of your pots to how you think about what goes in them, one garden designer has some advice for you.”

42. Hobart quilter Katherine Jones wins national, international awards for two-year creation.

43. In a Daily Sewing Project, Karen Turner Stitches a Visual Diary in Vividly Textured Designs.

44. Vivid Hues and Intricate Embroidery Bring Yumi Okita’s Remarkably Tactile Moths to Life.

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