1. Morning walks. The quiet, the space, the animals, and the rising sun. I still haven’t gone out for one since I got home from the hospital and I’m missing it. It has been COLD (as it has been everywhere, apparently), down to -17 degrees one day.

2. A white Christmas. Especially here, where it can be so sunny and nice even in winter, I was so happy to get some snow this week and that it will mostly stick around through Christmas.

3. Christmas music and movies. It’s such a limited amount of time that they are enjoyable. Too soon or too late and they just don’t make sense, but at the right time, they are the best.

4. A more diverse diet. Because of my hospital stay and currently sensitive GI tract, I’ve had to be careful, but as I feel better, I get to add things in. Who knew I’d ever be so happy to eat a carrot or an orange? I also made gingerbread muffins today and the one I ate tasted so good I almost wanted to cry.

5. My tiny family, tiny home, tiny life. Eric has been taking such good care of me and Ringo is exhausted but also so happy to have us both home.

Bonus joy: naps, watching The Great British Baking Show with Eric, sitting in the dark in the morning with the Christmas tree lights on, not needing the pain meds, Ringo back to running with Eric without hurting, racoons and otters, birds at the feeder, baby elephants, books, cooking with Eric, slowing down, talking to Mikalina about the cool project she’s starting, texting with Mom and Chris, a warm shower, a big glass of water, clean sheets, down blankets and pillows, how warm our house stays even when it’s so cold out, electricity, internet and wifi, all the rescue dogs who got homes for Christmas, Christmas cards, the hydromassage chair, the pool, the sauna, writing in the morning with a cup of hot mint tea, meditating, headphones, medication, citrus, reading in bed at night while Eric and Ringo sleep.

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