Something Good

1. Poems from Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer: Ode to the Echo and Exemplar and It’s Going to Take a Long Time.

2. You Can Do It on Craft Talk, a good reminder for anyone trying to do anything.

3. Sounds True Podcast | Susan Cain: Bittersweet: The Hidden Riches in Sorrow and Longing.

4. How to Be Un-Dead: Anaïs Nin and D.H. Lawrence on the Key to Living Fully.

5. A whole bunch of good stuff from Lion’s Roar: A Practice to Navigate Grief (“In this excerpt from her new book, Navigating Grief and Loss, Kimberly Brown takes us through the practice of ‘standing on the earth,’ which can help us in times of great change and grief”), and How to Be Weird (“Eric G. Wilson explains how we can see the strangeness in reality, and how examining the ‘weird’ can help us understand the essence of life), and Do Dishes, Rake Leaves: The Wisdom of the Ancient Homemakers (“Karen Maezen Miller on how the domestic practice of ancient Zen masters can lead us to intimate encounters with our own lives”), and The Do-Nothing Farmer’s Guide to a Perfect Harvest (“Mark Frank’s five steps to successfully doing nothing — in your garden or any other part of your life”).

6. A Theory of Sprawling Holidays: Welcome to Weeklong HalloweenBecause this, “commodification and consumption becomes the primary way that Christmas is expressed, is experienced. The primary affect is one of near-constant purchasing, unboxing, arranging — a vigilant doing — as opposed to periods of observation, contemplation, devotion, being.”

7. ‘I’m changing and I don’t think society helps at all’: Christine and the Queens’ journey to becoming Redcar“The French pop star has endured the death of his mother, record industry resistance and a backlash after adopting male pronouns. In an emotional interview, he talks about the struggle to understand himself and the music he makes.”

8. The Sounds of Your Self“‘Finding your voice’—or, even better, your voices—on the page is more than a craft challenge; it’s the key to claiming your story.” In related news, Dismantling the Patriarchy by Reclaiming Her Voice. “Elissa Bassist reflects on how women’s voices get silenced & reborn, the eleven years it took to write her memoir, and how she wrote like a mother#^@%*&.”

9. 30-day challenge from Austin Kleon. In the beginning, this is one of the ways I cultivated my writing practice and this blog.

10. Permacrisis declared Collins Dictionary word of the year. “Collins’s annual compilation of 10 words or phrases which ‘reflect our ever-evolving language and the preoccupations of those who use it’.”

11. The Art of Persuasion in a Polarized Age“For the majority of Americans who still believe in liberal democracy, in the idea that humans are created equal, and in fact-based reality, talking to those we care about on the other side can feel hopeless. Is there any point trying to reach these people? Is changing minds that don’t want to change a lost cause? It isn’t.”

12. The Body Keeps the Score, and it will Fucking Win.

13. Death as Life’s Work“In her new book, Hayley Campbell seeks to demystify death by sharing the perspectives of funeral home directors, gravediggers and others.”

14. The Best Cinnamon Rolls You’ll Ever Eata recipe that claims, “The BEST cinnamon rolls in the WORLD. Big, fluffy, soft and absolutely delicious. You’ll never go back to any other recipe once you try this one!” and as my partner said, “there’s only one way to find out!” I also want to try this recipe: Lebkuchen (aka German Gingerbread).

15. Dyed and Rolled Pages Splay Outward into Flower-Like Forms in Cara Barer’s Book Sculptures.

16. Ray Bradbury on feeding your creativity from Austin Kleon.

17. Don’t Be Afraid to Do These 10 Hard Things for Yourself.

18. On Being Selfish.

19. 10 Essential Areas to Declutter that Will Save You More TimeI like how this frames the effort as a way to make your home more functional for you rather than to prove something to other people.

20. 99 Mindful Conversation Topics For Deeper ConnectionsThese would make good journal prompts too.

21. 5 Beliefs That Increase My Calm“These powerful mindsets can lead to less drama and more peace.”

22. Painted on Vintage Postcards, Flora and Fauna Celebrate Farming Traditions and Wildlife of the Midwest.

23. 7 Little Things That Make Highly Sensitive People Happy.

24. Photographer Levon Biss Illuminates the Strange, Otherworldly Chrysalises of Butterfly Pupae.

25. Rest Is Resistance. “How to dream your way toward a radically decolonized future”, an excerpt from Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto by Tricia Hersey.

26. Kindly Go Fuck Yourself With Your Shitty Fucking Gas-Powered Leafblower, You Tremendous Asshole from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds. Seriously, leafblowers are dumb.

27. “Autumn Anxiety” Is a Thing, and This Is How I Deal with It.

28. How to thrive during (and after) this election.

29. 3 Myths About Themselves That Highly Sensitive Introverts Need to Stop Believing.

30. Dried Flowers Are Arranged into Passageways and Processions in Installations by Rebecca Louise LawThis one is my favorite.

31. Natural Wood KaleidoscopeThis is so cool. It’s also on sale, so I bought one for a holiday gift.

32. If bumblebees can play, does it mean they have feelings? This study suggests yes.

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