Daily Archives: November 4, 2022


1. Ringo’s health, and all the support we have to maintain it. This picture showed up in my Facebook memories, from a year ago today, and I noticed Ringo was wearing his shortwave therapy loop because at the time he was having trouble with his arthritis. I’m so grateful he’s been doing so much better in that regard, is able to take longer walks and even run a little, with no more pain and no more limp.

And today, I am grateful for so many, probably including you reading this now, for supporting us and Ringo through his most recent “emergency.” We got his more extensive bloodwork back and there was no evidence of anything big bad, anything that got missed, and his current updated treatment plan for hemorrhagic gastroenteritis is working. He’s eating and feeling so much better, which means Eric and I are also finally eating and feeling better.

2. The Colorado winter sky. We got two or three inches of snow last night, which is almost all melted now because it’s been sunny most of the day, so we are officially in that strange season that is one part winter, one part autumn, and both are equally possible on any given day. My favorite thing about this time of year is the sky, and on one of the mornings I didn’t get to walk this week, I still got to see the sun rise and show off over our house.

3. Morning walks. With Ringo not feeling good and all the stress that went with that, these were much shorter this week when they happened, but when they did, I was so grateful to get out of the house and move around.

3. Good friends. In particular, when I’m stressed out or sad, one thing that always helps is to do something with or for my friends. It always makes me feel better.

4. Clean sheets and a shower. When I’m stressed out or sad, it’s also hard to take care of myself, but these are two things I did for myself today that made me feel so much better.

5. My tiny family, tiny home, tiny life. I couldn’t do life, especially the hardest parts, without them.

Bonus joy: realizing Ringo’s veterinarian is also our neighbor — while there’s no actual benefit to that (I’m not going to show up at her house asking for help for Ringo, I’m not a complete wacko) there’s still something sweet about it that makes me happy like we live in a small town even though we really don’t, clean laundry, Lofi Fruits music, a warm casserole after not really eating for days, english muffin bread toasted with butter and marionberry jam my aunt made, a good night’s sleep, spices, birds in the feeder, texting with Chloe’ and Chris, getting to visit with Chloe’ and her cute boy and her dogs, having the money to be able to pay for the healthcare we need, 24/7 vets, Wild Writing, reading, gummies of all kinds, sitting with Eric on the couch, hugging him in the kitchen, cooking with him, when he told me this week “you are so strong”, training with Shelby, getting in the pool, the hydromassage chair, the sauna, my infrared heating pad, grapefruit bubbly water, the option to email and text rather than make a phone call, the sound of the owls in the early morning, the murder of crows chasing the two hawks in the sky over our yard, other people’s dogs, Friday, the weekend, purple highlighters, glue stick, gingerbread muffins, good TV, listening to podcasts, reading in bed at night while Eric and Ringo sleep.