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Something Good

1. Let’s Be Lazy: 10 Ways to Rest and Relax from Courtney Carver on Be More With Less. Also from Courtney, A Simple Life is Messy Too (we can’t simplify our way into a perfect life).

2. Turning toward new ways of being. “The future that we long for, and that we’re making now, is in us. It’s alive today. It’s part of our inheritance from our living, non-living, human, and non-human ancestors.”

3. A Handbook for Abolitionists. “Patrisse Cullors’ new book offers guidance for personal, as well as systemic, change. Breaking the cycle of harm starts with us.”

4. Don’t tell cancer patients what they could be doing to cure themselves. “There are many ways to support someone going through cancer treatment. Recommending pseudo-scientific treatments isn’t one of them.”

5. We’re Entering the Control Phase of the Pandemic. “The virus isn’t done with us. So we need a new approach to dealing with it.” In related news, Post-Omicron Life Can Be Downright Maddening (“How to live with the uncertainty of not knowing what comes next”), and Should You Still Wear a Mask? (“Experts weigh in on where, and when, you can safely take one off”) on The New York Times.

6. Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle a video series created by one of the authors commenting on each chapter of the book. In related news, Your Body Knows You’re Burned Out on The New York Times. “Here’s how to recognize the physical symptoms of work-related stress — and what to do about them.”

7. Road trip Q&A with Austin Kleon.

8. 6 Black Women Authors Whose Books Will Help You Better Understand Blackness in America. In related news, Black Voices in American Music: The Playlist.

9. Things I Didn’t Know I Loved from Laurie Wagner.

10. Welcome to Colonoscopy Land. “Are you ready to poop 27 times?????” If you know, you know.

11. A Digital Map Leads to Reparations for Black and Indigenous Farmers. “The map’s creators envision equitable distribution of land and resources through ‘people-to-people’ reparations.”

12. Netflix and Disney face a growing challenge: streaming mercenaries. “As the streaming wars heat up, companies like Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Apple, and Hulu are vying to keep customers around for the long haul.”

13. Why We Love Lazy, Drunk, Broke Women on TV on The New York Times.

14. Ten rules for writing fiction.

15. See (the Worst People in) the World!  “How defiant Covid-era customers turned a dream job — flight attendant — into a total nightmare.” on The New York Times.

16. How to clear the air in the most polluted cities on Earth.

17. The Trauma of Transracial Adoption. In related news, I Kept My Family’s Secret For Over 60 Years. Now, I’m Finally Telling The Truth. “And so, yes, I am grateful my parents chose me. I am no longer ashamed to be an adoptee. I may never find my biological mother, but on this journey of life, I hope to find me.”

18. 4 Behaviors Are The Most Reliable Predictors Of Divorce.

19. Tears for Fears returns with “The Tipping Point”.

20. Wildlife officials throw 3,000 pounds of lettuce a day into the sea to save starving manatees.

21. Recipe I want to try: French Onion Chicken Macaroni and Cheese.

22. 6 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job. “At some point, all of us experience moments when we must face the difficult decision to let go of something that formerly offered us purpose. But big decisions, like a career change, should be approached thoughtfully. While sometimes this can be done by reinventing your current work, there are times where the right choice is to strike out on a fresh path.”

23. A robot bought my seven-year-old car for more than I paid brand-new. “Carvana gave me more than I ever dreamed it was worth — how?”

24. Weight-Neutral, Non-Restrictive Blood Sugar Management Strategies by Ragen Chastain of Dances With Fat, one of the only humans I’d trust to talk about this topic.

25. I Ain’t Sorry. “Not everything you consume needs to be groundbreaking, universally loved, or some form of advocacy. It can just be shit that makes you feel happy.”

26. Followers Of Christian Influencer Brittany Dawn Said They Are Angry That She Pivoted To Religion To Avoid Scrutiny Over Her Fitness Scam. “They said Christians are called to expose people who are dishonest, not hide behind the promise of forgiveness when they’ve messed up.”

27. I wanna start a thread of seeing black men smiling. Or as I like to call it, “one of the best Twitter threads, ever.”

28. A Woman Is Cured of H.I.V. Using a Novel Treatment on The New York Times. “She’s the third person ever to be cured. Researchers announced that the new approach holds the potential for curing more people of racially diverse backgrounds.”

29. Animal Embroidery Made With Vibrant Bursts of Colorful Stitches.

30. Bisa Butler stitches Black history together one portrait at a time.

31. Delightful Nighttime Landscapes Nestle into Stacked Wooden Boxes in Allison May Kiphuth’s Dioramas.

32. Meet Skippy, a 26-Year-Old Border Collie Who Is the “Oldest Dog in Ireland”.

33. Luscious Oil Paintings Bloom Flowers That Look Real Enough To Touch. This makes me long for peony season.


1. Morning walks. We got a tiny bit more snow this week and more is on the way, but true to Colorado, most days the skies were blue. I enjoyed the walks a bit extra because Ringo is feeling so much better.

2. Raintree Athletic Club. It was really really hard to leave my other gym. I’d been going there for over ten years. One of the original owners was my trainer for eight years and a friend for longer (and who helped me rehab from a pretty bad knee injury), it was the first place I practiced yoga and after getting certified to teach I regularly subbed for the MWF early morning class (teaching people you’ve practiced with for over 10 years is an extra kind of special), it was the gym that took me through a transformation when it became clear I was a disordered eater and drowning in self-loathing, it was where I met (and eventually lost to cancer) my friend Anne, where I started Pilates, and even the place where I discovered my masseuse who I’ve been seeing for at least six years because she’d put a special for members on the community bulletin board. But there was a moment where it just was time for something new, in particular somewhere with a pool. And after three years there, I am so in love: aqua aerobics, swimming (it’s where I took lessons and learned), the sauna, the hydromassage chair, small group training, Pilates, yoga, and such good people, both the ones who workout there and those who work and teach there.

Image from Raintree Athletic Club, “my” pool

3. Cooking. I know it was hard for my mom to be patient with the process, the mess and mistakes I made, but I’m so grateful she taught me so many basics of how to take care of myself: laundry, grocery shopping, banking, gardening, how to make a bed, cleaning, but most of all cooking. So many people never learn how or never feel comfortable, but I feel like I can make just about anything I would want and inherited lots of yummy family favorites. Additional thanks to the internet and all the cooks who post recipes so they are easy for me to find and follow and all the people who grow, harvest, transport, and sell the ingredients I need.

4. Reading. It struck me the other day how much I enjoy it, the depth of that joy. Again, thanks to my mom who always read to me, knew it was important, who helped teach me and modeled what it meant to be a reader. My dad was also a reader, modeled that joy, which I know now is pretty rare, a dad who reads because he enjoys it, because he’s curious about the world.

5. My tiny family, tiny home, tiny life. This morning, as I sat with a hot cup of coffee and hot cocoa and tiny marshmallows at my desk writing my morning pages in front of my HappyLight while the finches and chickadees visited the bird feeder attached to the window over my desk, I noticed how in love I am with all of it. I really wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Bonus joy: trading books with my neighbor, getting to see the baby, texting with Chloe’, making art with Calyx, that corner of the couch, watching TV, listening to podcasts, napping, a warm shower, kitchen counter love notes, Thin Mints, raspberries, being able to help, masks and vaccines, gummies, practicing with my writing sangha, an abundance of fresh(ish) produce at the grocery store, other people’s dogs, the Prisma app and that one filter I love so much, when Laurie calls me Jilly, watching “Guy’s Grocery Games” with Eric and making each other laugh, sitting in the sauna with him, reading in bed at night while Eric and Ringo sleep.