Gratitude Friday

More specifically, this week’s list is “things keeping me from giving up during a global pandemic.”

1. Morning walks. It seems like the morning light is lingering longer than in year’s past, and even though I’m not leaving later than usual, we still get to see the sunrise and I can turn off my headlamp before we get home. On a walk early in the week, I thought I saw a bald eagle but it was far enough away I thought it could also be an osprey. Then later in the week, a large bird took flight over my head and I assumed at first it was a heron but quickly realized it was a bald eagle, which means the one earlier in the week probably was too.

2. Ringo and I are a year older. I’m so glad that we are both still here, healthy and together. He’s the only dog we’ve had that we knew his real, actual birthday, and it’s the day after mine so very easy to remember. Even though a pandemic birthday is unusual, a little weird, not celebrated in the same way I usually might, I got so much love. I’m so grateful.

3. Comfort food and flowers in the bathroom and gummy supplements. Eric made me a pineapple upside down cake, nostalgic and yummy. He also brought home flowers for the bathroom and they smell so good. I also appreciate that all the supplements I take come in gummy form, as I hate taking pills.

4. Practice. Meditation, yoga, writing, and dog.

5. Good content. I watched the final season of Schitt’s Creek and the farewell special. I was late to the party, didn’t start watching until season four but quickly caught up, fell in love, cried and laughed. I’ve always loved Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy’s movies but wasn’t sure how that’d play in a TV series. It was smart, funny, weird, and so so sweet. Just what this moment needed. Also, if you are feeling lonely, pick a podcast and become a regular listener. After a bit, it’s weirdly like hanging out with your friends.

6. My tiny family. Eric is working from home full-time again. COVID-19 numbers are rising in Colorado, as they are everywhere, and they closed his physical campus again. He has next week off for Thanksgiving break and hopefully he’ll get to relax and rest — he’s been working so hard, (his skill set includes online education and active learning so he’s in high demand). Ringo has his own “work day” routine that has been entertaining both Eric and I: after a walk, he makes a bed out of pillows on the “big couch,” then moves to Sam’s couch where there’s a patch of sun most days, and then lands in his chair. At close to 10 am, he goes outside for his “morning break” — seriously, he’s on such a fixed schedule about it, it’s like he is wearing a watch. He spends the rest of the morning moving inside and out, barking at stuff, keeping an eye on his territory.

Bonus joy: Eric got me a bird feeder and I’m so excited to put it up (I don’t worry about becoming a “crazy” cat lady, but I do suspect I’ll be wearing pajamas covered in dog fur filling my collection of bird feeders and baths), sitting in the sauna with Eric, getting in the pool, writing and hanging out with Mikalina, Wild Writing, birthday love, texting with my mom and brother, eye drops, pizza, clementines, sharing a Clif bar with Ringo, my HappyLight, reading in bed at night while Eric and Ringo sleep.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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