Gratitude Friday

1. 50% off all perennials at Fort Collins Nursery. We got there right when they opened and I got almost everything I wanted. I even went back a few hours later because I wanted more daisies. It’s supposed to be 100 degrees out today, so they are sitting next to the house in the shade, still in their pots. The next three days are supposed to rain and be in the low 80s, so tomorrow the real work begins.

2. Little by little, I’m making a dent in my summer to-do list. Just little things, every once in a while. The even better news is I decided to bump a lot of it to the fall, give myself a few more months of not having to do ALL THE THINGS. Some family stuff is going on behind the scenes that is stressing me out, so I’m giving myself more space, more grace, and a slower pace.

3. Eric gave the dogs a bath today. I was later that expected coming home from the grocery store because I stopped for more plants, so he used the extra time and took advantage of the warm day to give me clean dogs.

4. Good food. Pan fried burritos and sweet potato tamales with homemade pinto beans, fresh peaches and cherries, our first cucumber from the garden.

5. My tiny family. I’ll be in Oregon for a few days next week and I’m already missing them.

Bonus joy: good movies and music (watched a documentary about The Avett Brothers yesterday that was really good), seeing Toy Story 4 with Eric at the fancy theater, clean sheets, a cold shower on a hot day, aqua aerobics, sitting in the sauna, teaching yoga, San Pelligrino orange sparkling water, napping.

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