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Something Good

Moon over the Poudre, by Eric

Moon over the Poudre, by Eric

1. What do you want your life and work to look and feel like? A great question offered in one of Jamie Ridler‘s recent newsletters.

2. Colorful Quilts by Bisa Butler use African Fabrics to Form Nuanced Portraits.

3. Clever Photos of Animals Made Out of Food.

4. How To Market Your New Business On A $0 Budget. “The 51 tools you should get to know (and love) if you’re starting something with nothing.”

5. What I say when I don’t know what to say from Austin Kleon.

6. How Mary Oliver Helped Me to Breathe Again.

7. Glennon Doyle Is Trying To Wake Up White Women. Is It Working? “The author, activist, and former mommy blogger has been encouraging her mostly white fans to speak up and empower themselves. What happens when her new advice is to shut up, listen, and let women of color lead the way?”

8. 8 Women on Choosing Not to Have Kids.

9. Why Writing Matters in the Age of Despair.

10. Hallucinations Kidnap The Senses In ‘The Collected Schizophrenias.’

11. This mic’d up 4-year old playing hockey is everything. (video) This kid is the story of my life.

12. Yoruba Richen’s Green Book Documentary Centers Black Joy, Not White Ignorance. “Victor Green’s guide for Black motorists saved lives and made travel possible for many Americans. This movie is about THAT story.” In related news, Oscars 2019: ‘Green Book’ is the worst best picture winner since ‘Crash’, and SNL “White Savior” Movie Trailer (video).

13. Meet Mama Posseh, a surrogate mom of orphaned baby chimpanzees in Sierra Leone. (video)

14. R. Kelly’s Bond Set At $1 Million After Being Charged With 10 Counts Of Sex Abuse.

15. ‘Black Panther’ Costume Designer Draws On ‘The Sacred Geometry Of Africa.’

16. 10 Books About Race To Read Instead Of Asking A Person Of Color To Explain Things To You.

17. Attempting to battle rap my son. (video) This is SO cute.

18. These animals are helping other animals. (video)

19. Dog had never wagged her tail until she met her foster dad. (video)

20. Dad sings “Tennessee Whiskey” to his baby. (video) I watched this more than once. His voice is gorgeous, reminds me of Leon Bridges.

21. Elaborate Paper Origami Tessellations and Kusudamas by Ekaterina Lukasheva.

22. Me when I see a dog. (video)

23. “I’m unapologetically black and I’m unapologetically a feminist,” says Brittney C Cooper, Ph.D., the author of “Eloquent Rage.” (video) “She explains why ‘being both those things is the thing that will save us.'”

24. 50 Amazing Books By Black Authors From The Past 5 Years.

25. The Most Hilarious Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents. Hilarious, and creepy.

26. Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Chronic Illness on The New York Times. “Chronically ill people research their diseases ad nauseam. They try more treatments than they can count. In many cases, great scientific minds can’t crack a cause or cure. So unless someone asks for your advice, don’t offer it.”

27. Dream Job Alert: Humane Society of Tampa Bay Is Searching For Dog Snugglers. Yes, please!

28. Spirit Rock, Jack Kornfield, withdraw Noah Levine’s authorization to teach. In related news, Former aides describe abuse and sexual misconduct by Shambhala leader.

29. Little dude dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. (video)

30. Rocketman (2019) – Extended Full Trailer. This looks SO good!

31. More Than 50 Years In, Mavis Staples Is Still Delivering Messages Of Hope And Justice.

32. A Star Wars Is Born – “Shallow” Parody. (video)

33. Arrested Coast Guard Officer Allegedly Planned Attack ‘On A Scale Rarely Seen.’ Remind me again why we are building a wall?!

34. Covington Catholic student’s family hits the Washington Post with $250 million lawsuit. And surprise, surprise, DT tweeted his support.

35. Slim people should thank genes not ‘moral superiority’ for weight, study suggests.

36. White Woman Claims to Confront Racism by Creating Racist Yoga Event; Clearly Doesn’t Understand How Racism Works.

37. Karl Lagerfeld’s long history of disparaging fat women.

38. Publisher Of An Alabama Newspaper Calls For The KKK To ‘Clean Out’ Washington.

39. You ever see something so cute it literally hurts? (video) Hint: baby elephants are super cute.

40. Here’s why first responders are turning to yoga to improve their performance on the job. (video)

41. A whole community learns sign language to be able to chat with a two year old. (video)

42. What do we do when the art we love was created by a monster? In related news, What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?

43. My boyfriend Roman makes rice crispy treats. (video)

Gratitude Friday

1. Only 10.5 more weeks at CSU! It is going so fast now. I’m already 2/3 of the way through my final semester. Sure, there will be people I’ll miss and it’s nice to have my own office somewhere away from home but still close to home and the benefits are way better than I’ll have working for myself, but every day something happens to remind me why I’m leaving, ensures me that this is the very best choice for me.

2. Good food. I made bran muffins with dried raspberries and finally tried the Sweet Potato Black Bean Hash recipe I’d been wanting to for quite some time.

3. Teaching yoga. It’s been almost 4.5 years now that I’ve been teaching. Doing my 500 hour certification and teaching a new regular class has really grown my confidence and love for teaching, for practice, for holding space and caring for other people.

“Dad’s home, Dad’s home!”

4. A free rental car. I finally called Toyota last week and made it very clear that no matter how much work they were doing to repair the hail damage on my car, two months was excessive and I needed my car back a.s.a.p. They have probably another 2-4 weeks before they finish it, so they offered to rent me a car until it was done. After going without, having to negotiate my schedule and movement with Eric’s, it feels like pure freedom to just be able to get in my car anytime I want and go anywhere I want.

5. My tiny family. Sam is doing really good, running some and seeming to tolerate it, to the point I’m going to ask at his next physical therapy appointment if we can start weaning him off the pain medication he’s on. Ringo has been so good, finally seems like a grown-up dog at five years old. Eric and I have both been super busy with work and other commitments, and it’s so good to get in bed at night and cuddle, to know no matter how hard things get, he’s always a soft place to land.

Bonus joy: finishing a big project, free lunch, enough snow to make things look pretty but not enough to make it too hard to get around, sleeping in, a massage, good books (I just started Ross Gay’s The Book of Delights – poets write the best non-fiction), writing and giggling with Chloe’ and Mikalina, Pilates and giggling with Ashley and Carrie, getting back in the pool, a whole weekend off, going to breakfast with Stacey and Heather, being able to get new phones when we need them, good TV and movies (I did a 7 day free trial of Starz so Eric and I could watch the new Jumanji movie, which was so funny, and I started watching Girlfriend Experience, which is a TV show but feels like a multiple hour thriller film, so creepy and compelling, and I also finished season three of One Day at a Time on Netflix), practicing writing and meditation first thing in the morning.