Something Good

The contents of my grocery cart this week, made fancy by Prisma and Eric

1. this is a love song, not an apology: in praise of quitting from Isabel Abbott. I’ve shared it before, but I needed to revisit it this week and thought maybe you might too.

2. Why Are Magazines Still Not Letting Plus Women Actively Participate In Fashion? In related news, This Fitness Brand Had the Perfect Response to Their Plus-size Model Getting Fat-shamed.

3. On Mo’Nique: Being Nice is Not A Requirement for Fair Pay. In related news, Fear of an Angry Black Woman: Why Mo’Nique Was Right.

4. List: Things That Begin a Sentence That Indicate You May Need to Refrain From Finishing That Sentence from McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.

5. Why our current political issues have everything to do with body positivity from The Militant Baker.

6. The Great Rat Rescue. “We are lucky to live and work in such a pet-friendly and compassionate community.”

7. A goat and a coyote play. (video) In related news, Cow who escaped in November found living with a herd of bison. (video)

8. Black Girl Booklist! 10 Must-Read Books by Black Women.

9. Deaf Dancer Finds His Way to Feel The Beat. (video)

10. Facebook Apologizes for Banning Paragraph From Black Woman’s Book. This is an ongoing issue, happens constantly to the WOC I follow on Facebook.

11. Margaret Atwood’s Books Taught Me to Listen to Women—Now She Needs to Learn the Same Thing.

Really listening requires full body presence. It requires you to soften and let go of the fear, the urge to argue, and the instinct to control the narrative. It takes a comfort with silence and a willingness to accept that your turn to talk may never come, that what’s happening might not be about you at all. This doesn’t mean internalizing every call-out on social media, but rather acknowledging how your voice carries and reaching out to those who have less power with compassion, respect, and openness. It requires you see them first as individual human beings with names, lives, and experiences you might not have imagined. We’ve assumed for too long that the onus for reaching out is on the less powerful. We must work to upend that imbalance and make space for women of color, Indigenous women, trans women, and others who have been left out of feminism in the past.

12. The Life Thief. “How diet culture steals your time, your energy, and your health—and how you can take them back.”

13. Dog Loves His Automatic Ball Launcher. (video)

14. Relaxing Into the Feeling of Being Alive from Zen Habits.

15. Do you feel a yearning for something you can’t explain? There’s a word for that.

16. 8 Contradictions you might experience if you’re an INFJ.

17. Ursula K. Le Guin On Writing:”Alas, There Are No Recipe” from Chuck Wendig.

18. Anthony Bourdain was a 44 year old cook who was slinging french fries and having little hope to ever get out of debt, or even pay his taxes. (video)

19. Company Hilariously Mocks Stupid Client Requests, Shows What Happens When You Do Everything They Ask.

20. Lucas the spider. (video) Reminds me of Marcel the Shell.

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