Something Good

1. What Is White Feminism? Here Are 7 Sneaky Ways It Shows Up Into Your Life. In related news, Why This Black Girl Will Not Be Returning To The Women’s March, and The Second Lives of Pussy Hats on The New York Times, and You’re Not “Not Political,” You’re Complicit, and White centering, white fragility, and the pink pussy hat with Abigail Rose Clark (video), and I spent MLK day fighting with an “ally” about my Trump headline, and Ep012 Wild Mystic Woman Podcast: Desiree Adaway On Leading Difficult Conversations On Race, Class + Gender, and Stop Silencing Women of Color from Jena Schwartz, because this, “That is what the invisible powers that be will do with women of color who are sharing their everyday, lived experiences of racism. They are not making this shit up, but there are plenty of white people who feel ‘attacked’ by these ‘offensive’ posts. You know what’s offensive? Denial. Coddling. Defensiveness. And actively silencing those who are sharing their pain and anger and frustration and truth.”

2. Tips for Raising Kids with Disabilities from Zach Anner. (video)

3. Are You Supporting White Supremacy? A checklist for teachers.

4. How to Stop Passive Aggression from Ruining Your Relationship. “Learning to express anger in a healthy way will help couples resolve conflicts, instead of letting them simmer.”

5. Housemates with 68 year age gap. (video) “Florence, 95, was lonely. Alexandra, 27, needed an affordable home.”

6. Rescued Raccoon Loves His Dog Sister. (video)

7. Being an English Graduate Is Hard, Being a Female English Graduate Is Harder.

8. Man Pulls 5 1/2-Foot-Long Tapeworm Out Of His Body, Blames Sushi Habit. You might not know this about me but I’m currently working on a book about a women with a tapeworm.

9. These 30+ Photos Of Ingo The Dog And His Owl Friends Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today.

10. Chickens playing a xylophone. (video) “A Colorado woman installed a xylophone in her backyard and now her chickens spend their days playing music.”

11. Layla Saad is creating space to center the stories, art and magic of women of colour on Patreon.

12. Take the stairs. Your Fitbit commands it. (video) Hilarious.

13. This Art Exhibit About Rape Powerfully Answers The Question ‘What Were You Wearing?’

14. Abandoned Puppy Grows Up With 150 Rescued Animals. (video)

15. Immigration officials came into work on a national holiday to take Jorge away from his family. (video) I’m not gonna lie, this makes me feel a level of rage that isn’t healthy.

16. You can not just teach about slavery, these people had backgrounds. They came from Africa. (video)

17. Of Docks and Churches and Libraries and Love on Rita’s Notebook. Because this, “Love is not, as I’ve thought for most of my life, the dock. It is the water.”

18. A Guide to Moving Courageously Into a New Uncertain Space on Zen Habits.

19. Bitchreads: 25 Fiction Books You Must Read in 2018.

20. An Artist Has Corrected All Of Those Crap Sexual Harassment Non-Apologies.

21. The Complete Guide to Understanding and Dealing With Online Trolls.

22. The controversy around’s Aziz Ansari story, explained.

23. White supremacy is insidious and pervasive everywhere, including at The New York Times and other liberal media.

24. White People Understand Exactly How Racism Works.

25. Writing As Protest and Therapy: Writing Can Save Us and the World.

26. Professional Black Girl (Season 2) New Orleans Baby! A Kickstarter project. You can watch Season 1 on YouTube.

27. The Black Woman’s Tale: Why Margaret Atwood’s Espousal of White Feminist Beliefs Shouldn’t Surprise You.

28. My body has always known the truth…I just wasn’t listening, wisdom from Melissa Toler.

29. Miniature Paintings on Tea Bags by Ruby Silvious.

30. 8 kick-ass coming-of-age movies directed by women.

31. Freedom, fairness and equality from Seth Godin.

32. Oprah’s Blind Spot from Rachel Cole.

33. Color Palette: Deep Greens. I need the couch in the last picture.

34. How to Establish a Daily Practice of Almost Anything, in Six Steps. A good reminder.

35. What’s Missing from #MeToo and #TimesUp: One Indigenous Woman’s Perspective.

36. 27 Ways To Tell a True Story from the amazing Laurie Wagner.

37. 75 Questions for Cultivating Self-Awareness.

38. America the Trumped: 10 ways the administration attacked civil rights in year one from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

39. 9 Ways We Can Make Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible.

40. 3 quick thoughts about walking from Austin Kleon.

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