Something Good

1. The Good Life Podcast with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. “Sakyong Mipham explores the lost art of good conversation, bravery, innate goodness, vulnerability and how to find compassionate connection.”

2. Write Your Way to a Life You Love: A {Flexible} & Free Engagement Calendar with Soul, a free calendar full of prompts to get you writing in 2018 from Jennifer Louden.

3. Autolessonography on Rita’s Notebook. Such a fun idea, so much wisdom. Happy Birthday, Rita! ❤

4. 20 Ways Being a Highly Sensitive Person Affects Your Relationships.

5. Andrea Gibson: Here’s to Showing Up For Each Other. “Angels of the Get-Through” has been one of my favorite poems since I first heard it, but the past year it’s taken on a whole new meaning, and I love it even more.

6. 4 steps to becoming a quiet activist (or, the chookooloonks change-the-world challenge) from Karen Walrond.

7. I Won’t Tolerate A ‘Different Viewpoint’ When It’s Based On Blatant Lies. This.

8. CDC gets list of forbidden words: Fetus, transgender, diversity. I hope like the National Forest Service has done, they resist.

9. Romper’s Doula Diaries: I Waited For You. (video) “When you’re a mom who has previously lost a pregnancy, giving birth for the first time can be terrifying. Watch Regina guide her client through three days of labor on Episode 2 of Doula Diaries.”

10. When you’re seven years old and live in Texas and get emotional about snow. (video)

11. Cards Against Humanity Redistributes Your Wealth.

12. Black Women Kept Roy Moore Out of Office. Here’s How to Actually Thank Them. In related news, 11 Black Women-Run Political Organizations To Support If You’re Inspired By Doug Jones’ Victory and Black Women Do Not Exist To Save You and You’re Welcome, White People: Alabama’s Black Voters Just Saved America.

13. Tiny Boy Breaks Board. (video) This little guy was working towards his white belt in Taekwondo.

14. The legacy of slavery no one talks about. (video)

15. ‘Saturday Night Live’ Now Has Its First Black Head Writer Since … EVER.

16. Chickens are helping senior citizens fight loneliness in a major way. (video)

17. Discovering the truth about my parents after 20 years. (video)

18. The FCC’s Net Neutrality Vote Is About To Silence Anyone Who’s Not A Rich White Man.

19. This Indonesian man single-handedly saved his village from starvation. (video)

20. Trump’s accusers are back, and this time they’re demanding that Congress do something.

21. It Looks Like That Kid Who Gets Bullied At School Might Have A Racist Mother. In related news, on Snopes, Keaton Jones Bullying Controversy.

22. Hold the Line Magazine Issue No. 1. “Hold the Line Magazine’s inaugural issue. Over 100 pages of honest, helpful content for parents who care about social justice. Complicated subjects like the dangers of ignoring race and the unique challenges of raising children of color are brought out into the open in hopes of creating tangible change in the way families interact with each other.” What a great resource.

23. Everyday Objects Obsessively Organized into Patterns by Adam Hillman.

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