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Something Good

1. My Body is Not a Billboard: Weight Loss Talk in Eating Disorder Treatment Marketing a new post from one of my favorite humans.

2. From Ronna Detrick’s Notes from Her, “Do what your intuition tells you, what you can clearly discern as the right course of action. Trust-trust-trust that you know what you’re doing. And let everything else go – every fear, every anticipated reaction, even every expected risk and seemingly-certain cost. It’s all going to work out.”

3. Need help finding a good book? Maybe this list of lists will help. In related news, Some Baffling Omissions from the NY Times 100 Notable Books List, and The 10 Best Books of 2017 from The New York Times.

4. Good stuff from Austin Kleon, (who also shared the link above), Tidying up and Have you tried making yourself a more interesting person?

5. A Line-by-Line Response to the New York Times’ Response to the Backlash It Received for Publishing a Nazi Puff Piece. In related news, Nazi Sympathizer Profiled by The Times Loses His Job. Karma is sometimes direct and swift.

6. A Portland Cartoonist Created a Bizarro World Where Trump Is Good.Decent Don is helpful, kind, and generous.” For more: http://decentdon.com/

7. Musician James Maslow traveled back to his old high school to surprise his former drama teacher with a thank you letter that will give you all the feels. (video)

8. This American Life: Our Friend David. “David Rakoff died on August 9, 2012. He’d appeared on This American Life 25 times, first in 1996, during the third month of the show; his last appearance was just a few weeks before he died. He was on the program so often that in putting together this week’s show, we realized we could tell a lot of his life story, simply through things he said on the show. So this week we do just that, with excerpts from some of his favorite stories over the years.”

9. Buddha’s last 8 instructions. Seems pretty reasonable, but I admit I’m a bit biased.

10. 30+ Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Are Im-Paw-Sible Not To Laugh At.

11. Going Up the Mountain and Going Down the Mountain is the Same Thing, and Upaya Institute podcast with Natalie Goldberg.

12. People Are Sharing The Names They Now Call Their Pets Instead Of The Original One, And It’s Hilarious.

13. I’m a Plus-Size Runner and I Got Heckled at the NYC Marathon. I say again: fuck you and your fat phobia!

14. Writer Jenny Lumet: Russell Simmons Sexually Violated Me (Guest Column). Trigger warning: this description might hit close to home and be hard to read. I know it did and was for me.

15. ‘I Can’t Do This Anymore,’ Think 320 Million Americans Quietly Going About Day from The Onion — so funny, not funny.

16. Grad School Is Trash for Students of Color and We Should Talk About That.

17. Colin Kaepernick Is Recipient of 2017 Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award. Just like I know if you voted for Trump, we won’t have anything in common, I know that if you think Colin Kaepernick absolutely deserves this honor and is someone whose actions should be honored, we probably have some stuff in common.

18. Walmart yanks shirt threatening to kill journalists. I’ve been seeing more and more of this reported on lately — cases of those who work for businesses small and large making the dumbest, tone deaf, and even dangerous choices in their purchasing and marketing.

19. Writers, Authors, and People Who Write from Jena Schwartz.

20. Pantsuit Nation and the Tale of the Pumpkin Spice Allies.

21. Gifts for Writers, 2017 on Terrible Minds.

22. Navigating a HAES-Ignorant Health Care System from Jenna at Eat 2 Love.

23. 12 Things INFJs Absolutely Need to Be Happy.

24. How Will You Die? “Lindsay Kyte profiles five people who offer Buddhist wisdom to people who are dying and those close to them.”

25. Developing Extraordinary Resilience on Zen Habits.

26. Coming Out (Elle Mills Style). I love this video so much.

27. What do you do with wild commercial success? If you’re Ava DuVernay, you pass it on.

28. The Seeds of Trump’s Victory Were Sown the Moment Obama Won. *sigh*

29. The Dog Who Means Nothing to Me, because “indescribable suffering is a small price to pay for love.”

30. Man Goes 1 Week Without Talking to Anyone. (video)

31. Recipe I want to try: Veggie Fritters 4 Ways. (video)

32. The Senate just passed the biggest tax bill in a generation — and they didn’t even read it. (video) Fuck everything about this. In related news, from The New York Times, Senate Republicans Pass Sweeping Tax Bill and A Historic Tax Heist. Also, 4 winners and 3 losers in the Senate tax bill.

33. Artist Lina Iris Viktor breaks down the misconceptions of blackness in art. Her work is so amazing.

34. Meet the 5-year-old artist who donates her masterpieces’ proceeds to charity. (video)

35. The man looking after Kenya’s thirsty animals. (video)

36. This Woman Takes Pie Baking To Another Level. Fancy.

37. You Can Create A Stuffed Animal Clone Of Your Pet.

38. Tattoos Infused with Korean Art Techniques. (video)

39. Accused child molester and Alabama candidate for Senate Roy Moore explains who’s really to blame for the troubling accusations against him — and it’s not who you think. He said these things in a CHURCH.

40. A list of the sexual misconduct accusations made against Donald Trump. This was KNOWN, and people still voted for him to be the next President of the United Fucking States.

41. Meet the People Building Their Own Internet in Detroit. (video) “40% of Detroit is without internet and ignored by major telecoms. So one group has mobilized to bring the internet to the people by building their own infrastructure.” Watch the whole documentary here.

42. Pure Intentions: Little Miss Flint. (video) “‘I think the president is a bully and a liar.’ Years after the start of the water crisis, ‘Little Miss Flint’ is still fighting for her city, in spite of what haters and Trump have to say.”

43. Why Are White Men So Fragile? (video) “Having all the power and privilege in the entire world for all of history has been tough on white men! Elisa Kreisinger/Pop Culture Pirate explains why men are so angry (with the help of a white man).”

44. Cory Booker Tells the Truth About Our Prison System. (video)

45. Who’s Surprised? April Ryan Not Invited to White House Holiday Party for 1st Time in 20 Years.

46. That Moment You Realize You Could Die. (video)

47. This former NFL athlete and medical student didn’t know he was undocumented. (video) DACA saved him from getting deported.

48. Trump Brings Back ‘Pocahontas’ Slur Of Elizabeth Warren At Event For Native American Veterans.

49. This police department got in the holiday spirit #GivingTuesday. (video) No. No. No. Do we still not understand how traumatic it is to be pulled over while “driving black” (or any other color, for that matter, anything other than white)?! This is not the way to change relations with the community, unless you think subtle terrorism is a workable method for building relationships.

50. I Wrote A Book! And I Finally Get To Share It With You. from Renegade Mothering. I can’t wait to read this book. And seriously, it’s every writer with a blog’s dream to have that phone call — “I work with a publisher. We read your blog, love it. Wanna write a book?” Yes, please.