Something Good

Columbine, image by Eric Salahub

1. Fifteen Minutes from Jena Schwartz.

2. Lots of interviews and articles about Roxane Gay’s new book, which btw is so good: ‘Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body,’ by Roxane Gay, and A Lifetime of Aftermath: Roxane Gay’s “Hunger” Dares You Not to Look Away, and Why It’s Fine to Not Be a “Good” Fat Person, and Other Lessons from Roxane Gay.

3. This is the real me: This little girl and this one. (Video)

4. Cat doesn’t Understand what the kittens are for. Until they come closer and he knows it. (Video) Here’s another video of him trapped under a pile of kittens.

5. Dad Does Baby’s dread locks. (Video) The dancing in the tub though. #blackboyjoy

6. This father biked 1,400 miles to hear his late daughter’s heartbeat. (Video) I’m not crying, you’re crying. Be an organ donor!

7. This high-end fashion brand is getting called out for co-opting the Black Lives Matter message.

8. Toddler Leads Duck Army. (Video)

9. 10 MUTTS Comic Strips to Celebrate the First Day of Summer.

10. 15 Wholesome Memes Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day.

11. Fatphobia: 5 Facts and a Guide for the Disbeliever. This is from a few years ago, but it’s still worth reading.

12. These Alvin Ailey dancers are sharing their journey of love and dance, and it’s adorable AF.

13. White fragility is real: 4 questions white people should ask themselves during discussions about race. Another old one that’s still worth a read.

P.S. I knew I was forgetting one, and rather than wait until next week, I’m including it here now — 14. Creative Superheroes Podcast #14: Live Awake with Sarah Blondin. I shared one of the Live Awake podcasts a few weeks ago, have been listening to more and really liking them, so it was really fun to hear Andrea and Sarah talk more about how it came to be.

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