Gratitude Friday

Image by Eric

Image by Eric

1. Eric made it home safe, after being in Arizona for three days. And luckily, my knee held up doing all the dog walking while he was gone, and the dogs were so good for me.

2. Good food. This week it’s been split pea soup in my favorite dog mug and bran muffins with raspberries and dried strawberries.

3. Flowers in the bathroom, extra special ones because Eric was going to be gone.


4. My surgery going well. I know, you might be saying to yourself, “what surgery?!” and you wouldn’t be wrong — I haven’t said anything about it here. It’s not the type of surgery you really want to talk about, to anyone, ever, and I was really nervous about it because it’s the first time I’ve gone under anesthesia. Now that it’s over and I’m at home recovering, and that seems to be going okay, even though I’m tired and sore and sometimes feeling a bit sorry for myself, I am so grateful — especially for health insurance and paid sick leave, and two awesome interns that can take care of things while I’m gone.

5. My tiny family. The dogs have been being really good, keeping me company and not needing too much, and Eric’s been taking really good care of me, feeding me good food and taking care of everything so I can rest.

warmday thatface bathroombuddies02

Bonus joy: Oranges, sour cherry juice, clean water, hot water, soaking in the tub, good tv, clean sheets, staying in my pjs all day, good books, effective pain medication, friends who text me to see how I’m doing, emails from my mom, knowing that I don’t have to be responsible for anything right now and no schedule applies to me, naps with the dogs.

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