Gratitude Friday


1. The great pictures Eric takes when he goes hiking with the dogs. I’d rather go with him and take them myself, but this is good for now.

2. Wild Writing. What a great practice, what an amazing teacher, what magic.

Om Ananda Saraswati

Om Ananda Saraswati

3. Teaching yoga. I’ve only got two more Tuesday morning classes left before taking a break over summer, so I’m relishing them.

4. Being on vacation. This is only my second day, but oh wow am I loving it.

5. My dogs. This past week they’ve stressed me out a little with various bumps and boo-boos but in the end, they bring more comfort and joy than pain.



Bonus joy: my new car (I drove one of our older cars the other day and it made me realize just how nice the new one is), the tile in our bathroom, my irises blooming, the smell of lilacs, good tv, good books, roasted sweet potatoes, ice cream, clean water, people taking the time to send me emails when they appreciate my work, being so excited to get the day started I can’t even sleep in, sleeping in with Sam, trusting myself to be my own trainer at the gym, podcasts that make me laugh, tv and people that make me laugh, book club, breakfast and lunch plans with friends, good options for vet care for the dogs, sunshine, all the green, the river, the shade of a tree, walking with the dogs, warm socks, clean sheets.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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