Guilty Pleasure(s)


Closing my office door to write something of my own
Those damn chocolate coconut almonds from Trader Joe’s that I can’t stop eating
My candy drawer at work
Taking a break from working to visit, because when September 11th happened I had a job that I hated but I made good money so I subscribed to the magazine and that was the only news I kept up with for almost two years after the Twin Towers fell, but after two years I couldn’t stomach it anymore, but still sometimes when things get too real and I feel like I can’t handle it, I open up a browser tab and read
Taking off my bra as soon as I get home
Changing my underwear and bra and socks as many times as I want during the day
Changing my clothes as often as I want
Watching TV
Having subscriptions to three different on demand TV options so there’s always something to watch
That big TV we finally bought, and the computer we hooked up to it so we could watch those on demand things
Turning the heat up
Standing in the shower under the warm water even though I’m done, even though I’m already clean
Sleeping in
Being home alone
Talking naps
Buying my dogs really high quality food
Talking my dogs to the vet when they are probably fine but I know it will make me feel better, comforted
Going to physical therapy even though I probably don’t need to anymore just because I like my therapist so much
Going to my massage therapist because she touches me for a whole hour and a half, makes me feel better, and I don’t have to do the same for her
Demanding that my husband “tell me something good”
Always asking him “Why now, exactly? What made you say it right now?” every time he randomly tells me he loves me
Letting him clean up my dirty dishes
Leaving all of my shoes out
Staying up late to read even though I know it bugs him
Not answering the phone when she calls because I know she’ll be drunk and won’t even remember talking to me
Driving instead of walking
Taking myself out to breakfast or lunch
Eating whatever I want, when I want, as much as I want
Unfriending or blocking people on social media
A new car
New running shoes, three pairs in different colors
Staying in my pajamas all day
Not going to work, even though I was supposed to
Blogging at work
Doing a different pose than my yoga teacher told us to do
Skipping yoga
Closing my office door

*Another response to a prompt from Jena Schwartz’s two week group.

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