Gratitude Friday


1. Morning walks. I’ve gone on a few of these this week, and yesterday I went on my first full one. My foot is on the mend and I’m getting my strength back, so I can do this now. The morning walk is so much different than the afternoon one — quiet, you don’t see too many people (if any) but you see lots of animals (yesterday, we saw a huge owl), and for most of the year you get to see the sun rise. I hadn’t even realized how much I missed it.

2. Meals with friends, which include great conversation. I know some really amazing women, and am so lucky to get to spend time with them.


3. Signs of spring. I saw snowdrops the other morning, and there are crocuses all over.


4. Grocery shopping. I know that probably makes me weird, since so many people seem to hate it. I just love going to the store, picking out what I want to eat, ingredients for what I’m going to cook, all the choices and the means to buy the good stuff.

5. Little dog park. It reminds me of going with Obi and Dexter, how much Dexter loved it and how Obi only wanted to make one lap around and then leave — exactly the way Ringo and Sam feel about the dog park. What I might love most is when we go early in the morning, we are the only ones there, have it all to ourselves.

dogpark02 dogpark

Bonus joy: my new car — that Eric is going to wash it for me in exchange for getting to drive it to work today, our new bathroom (yes, still!), clean water, yoga, my physical therapist, sweet potatoes and butternut squash, almonds covered in dark chocolate with coconut oil, the cute way Ringo talks and howls, how hard that makes us laugh, Wild Writing, fresh flowers in the bathroom, a warm shower, knowing that what you teach and write matters to at least a few people, getting excited about our trip to the beach this summer, a friend who will live in our house and take care of our garden while we are gone, the way the dogs play together in the backyard every morning after their walk, emails from my mom, texts from my brother, clementines.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

  1. Shelly

    Hi Jill. Maybe the reach of your words feels small in overall numbers but by helping open us to open to the world and to be more kind and more aware – we then impact our immediate world. And then your reach becomes indirectly many. And that you have helped add loving kindness to many. I appreciate that you put yourself out there to do that.
    I’ve been struggling with the why of getting my own blog started. As in why bother? There are so many who can write so well already. But as I was finding the words to explain how I feel about your writing, I realize that it is not a waste for me to try but that I can also add my voice of loving kindness and hope that we change the world (even if just a little) to be more loving and kind.


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