Gratitude Friday

springcsusky1. Spring. Yes, we could still get snow, even a lot of it, but it’s here.

2. Clean water. Because of Flint, but because this is always something that I feel such gratitude for, knowing it could easily be otherwise, and a cold glass of water and a hot shower are two of the best things ever.


3. Roasted sweet potatoes covered in yummy spices making my house smell so good.

4. Eric taking the dogs hiking at Lory. They have been going a lot lately, and the next best thing to getting to go with them is if they get to go.


5. The way Ringo and Sam play together. For a long time I didn’t know if they’d ever learn to do this, to enjoy it, and it makes me stupid happy to see it. (It’s pretty hard to get a good picture of since they are usually a big blur when it’s happening).



Bonus joy: new music to add to my SoundCloud playlist, You Made it Weird podcast, being my own trainer at the gym, Wild Writing class, making plans to see friends, the perfect poem prompt, getting the rest I need, clean sheets, my new bathroom (will this ever go away?), my new car, the lingering smell of incense, being able to say “no” and not feel guilty, giving away chocolate, yoga, stretching my muscles, getting a massage, my doctor (she’s so good), physical therapy, xrays that prove I’m not exaggerating the chronic pain, good news.

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