Daily Archives: February 17, 2016

Three Truths and One Wish


1. Truth: I am my biggest obstacle. If I could just get out of my own way, there’d be more ease in my life. I don’t mean it would suddenly be easy, but rather that I wouldn’t struggle and suffer so much. If instead of resisting what is I could relax with it, things would shift, settle, soften — and I would too.

2. Truth: Sometimes I can’t help. I want to. I want to more than anything, to fix whatever is wrong, but sometimes I can’t. All I can do is be a witness. All I can do is love you. I can’t save you, but I can love you. And even if I give up hope, I won’t give up.

3. Truth: Then there are times when I am helping, and that’s magic. I can feel it when the tension relaxes, when a little bit of joy peaks in and I surrender to it. And it seems to happen without me having to make anything new. It seems to be more about allowing what already exists, sharing what’s already there.

One wish: May we get out of our own way, find more ease, help where we can and love where we can’t, and never ever ever give up.