Gratitude Friday

springbluesky021. The particular blue of an almost spring Colorado sky. It’s so pretty, and makes me so stupid happy. The winter doesn’t have to be long to bring me low, and it’s only when there’s a hint of spring that I realize just how low.

2. Walking with the dogs. Eric will be home late today, so we went on our own, for a whole hour and it felt good, nothing hurting so bad it made me want to cry — this is progress!

3. The good people CSU has brought into my life. I may have regrets, complaints about my time there, but I will be forever grateful for the dear friends I’ve made because of it.

4. A successful writing assignment. It was a kind of writing I don’t do much, and I surprised myself with how easy it was, how fun, how well it turned out.

5. The weather being nice enough, the yard dry enough that the dogs could have a frozen Kong treat outside, and how happy it made them to have it.

ringokong samkong

Bonus joy: I thought I might be over it by now but nope still my new bathroom, Wild Writing, having a good laugh with someone, talking with someone who really listens and understands and loves you, the ease of our walk this afternoon, clean water, the way Ringo got up on the futon next to me today and fell asleep while I was writing, pretzels, yoga, being sore and tired like I used to get from working out with my trainer knowing that now I am my own trainer, the weekend on its way, the sun/moon roof on my new car, how my new car is the same color of blue as the spring sky, the fact that Eric will be home soon.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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