Gratitude Friday

eddydahlia1. My amaryllis is blooming again. For the whole year I had it at my house while Eddy Hall was being remodeled, nothing. Now that it’s back “home” it’s working on at least five double blooms. It cheers me up every time I walk into my CSU office.

2. Our Highlander is running again. It broke down last week, had to get towed to the shop, and there was a chance a big bad thing had happened and it was done. It’s 14 years old, so it would have been disappointing but not unreasonable. But for the price of the maintenance it was 600 miles away from needing anyway, we replaced what needed fixed and it’s on the road again.

3. We bought a new car in the meantime. We’d been planning on it, since our other car is 18 years old, and since we are driving to Oregon this summer with the dogs and wanted something more dependable. With the Highlander in the shop, it seemed like a good time to take the plunge. Blue wouldn’t be my first choice, but since it’s really the dogs’ car, it works (i.e. Ringo Blue). It’s a hybrid and has so many fancy features it’s practically sentient, probably smarter than me. (The first night we had it, after spending an hour reading the manuals, Eric looked out the window, and when I asked “what are you looking at?” he said “I wanted to make sure it hadn’t driven away”). I feel so lucky that we have the means and that the people at Pedersen Toyota made it so easy.

littleblue4. Snow day! That hardly ever ever happens. In fact in the 15 years I’ve been at CSU, we only had one other full day closure and one day that they shut down at noon. It was nice to not have to worry about getting anywhere. And the dogs loved it.

samsnowfrisbee ringosnowfrisbee samsnowrunning ringosnowface5. Teaching. Even though I had to cancel my Tuesday morning class because of the 14 inches of snow, I subbed my Wednesday and Friday morning classes. I am still amazed by the confidence I have teaching yoga, knowing how to sequence things and what cues to give and not caring that sometimes I’m the fattest person in the room. I also have two more Wild Writing, Crazy Wisdom workshops scheduled.

Bonus joy: roasted butternut squash, physical therapy, the rest of the final season of Mad Men on Netflix, clean sheets, clean water, a warm shower and a clean towel, how the dogs come in and “take a shower” with me — sleeping on the floor each on their own bath mat, how much Ringo loves frisbees, how much Sam loves getting in bed with us in the morning and thumping his tail until I pet him, our new bathroom (yes, still), texting, Wild Writing class, being willing to show up even when I’m not perfect, and kitchen counter love notes.

The one from this morning might just be my favorite one ever

The one from this morning might just be my favorite one ever


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