Three Truths and One Wish


Lory State Park, image by Eric

1. I am completely exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for a week. Do you ever feel like that, kind and gentle reader? So tired that it seems like it would take days and days and days of doing nothing but sleeping to recover?

2. Recovery is exactly what I need. I realized really quickly at the beginning of December that all the things I’d planned to do, to offer and to be, just weren’t going to happen. I was disappointed, but I had to let go, had to lower the bar, and had to be okay with that — and I am, mostly.

3. I’m calling my power back to me. All the ways I am extended and open, giving and doing, all the places where I am reaching out, I am pulling that all back in. Most importantly, I’m letting go of worrying what anyone might think about me doing less.

One wish: That we can settle in to the quiet of this season, sink into the truth of what we really need — love, stillness, nourishment, and rest.

2 thoughts on “Three Truths and One Wish

  1. Dorothee Lang

    HI! I bookmarked your blog a while ago – i really enjoy your Gratitude Friday series, and your posts, and thought i send a link for Joyful January, an invite to start the new year with looking at the small joys and share them / and get inspired by others:

    and a thought, what you wrote about your tiredness that doesn’t fade with more sleep: maybe ask your doc to check your iron / vitamin d level? for both, if the levels are slow, you are sleepy in the way that doesn’t get better with more sleep. vitamin d especially is connected to daylight, so in winter levels tend to be lower.

    cheers + all the best~


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