#reverb15: Lists & Prayers


The prompt for the first day of Reverb:

In her seventh ever blog post, all the way back in March 2003(!), the inimitable Andrea Scher wrote: “Maybe lists are like prayers.”

What sorts of lists do you have on the go at the moment? What do they suggest you are praying for?

I have a serious problem, kind and gentle reader. I take on too much, try too hard, do too much, push myself too hard, smash myself to bits. It used to be a very destructive and ugly and secret and dark thing. Now it’s filled with light and smells good and there’s kirtan music in the background and I beat myself up with the prettiest stick. #same

Here’s the list of things I committed to or have going on in the month of December:

I didn’t realize just how much there was until I flipped the calendar over to December and the emails started arriving in my inbox. When I saw the prompt for Reverb, I half jokingly made the above list. Then I sat back in my chair and stared at it, allowing the insanity of it to wash over me. Add to that the regular stuff: teaching my Tuesday morning yoga class, putting together my weekly Something Good list for my site and for Wanderlust, laundry, my CSU work, etc. It’s just not workable, and even if it were it wouldn’t be sustainable. If I were to answer Kat’s prompt (What sorts of lists do you have on the go at the moment? What do they suggest you are praying for?) based on this list, I’m clearly praying for overwhelm, breakdown, exhaustion, complete and utter annihilation.

I’ve been asking myself for a while now: what are you running from? The way I’m filling my time, spreading myself thin and running myself ragged, I’m clearly avoiding something. Whatever it is, it can’t be as bad as this.

6 thoughts on “#reverb15: Lists & Prayers

  1. Pierced Wonderings

    This is my life. I was supposed to be taking another online photography course but since I didn’t finish the one I started in November, am behind in my blogging course, have no idea how all the Christmas presents will be done, & am hanging on by my fingernails. *sigh*

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      That made me think of a poster I had as a kid — a kitten clinging to a tree branch by just her front paws with her feet dangling below, and the caption said “Hang in There!” 🙂

  2. Frances D

    You know I have admired your blog through several incarnations of my own, and I see you as a sort of Blog Goddess. What was I thinking that you just wave a hand and it all gets done effortlessly? Sending love and light your way.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      HA! I commented first “where do I get this wand?!” thinking you’d said “wand” not “hand,” then realized my mistake. I think the hand wave I need to do is to wave bye-bye to the overload. 🙂


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