Gratitude Friday


Such a gorgeous color

1. Adele’s return, her new album, new interviews and videos.

2. Thanksgiving, a yummy dinner with good friends who even let us come over early and take showers, (one more week and our bathroom will be done!).

3. Time off from CSU work. The rest of my life is just so wonderful. Even the work doesn’t feel like work.

4. Rest. Naps, reading books, cuddling with the dogs, the quiet of a snowy day.


5. My tiny family. Texts from my brother, talking on the phone with my mom, walking with the dogs, laughing with Eric.

Bonus joy: Cooking, listening to podcasts, Tig Notaro’s new comedy special, warm cheesy biscuits, sparkling apple cider, a quiet house, down blankets, going to the gym, yoga, my Kindle and all the books on it, twinkle lights on a dark morning.

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