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Good Stuff Starting Soon: Reverb and Winter Joy Retreat

On December 1st, two of my favorite holiday traditions are starting: Reverb and Winter Joy Retreat. This will be my fourth year doing Reverb and my second (third?) Winter Joy Retreat. There is still time to sign up for either one or both, if you’d like to join us.

Winter Joy Retreat: Edible Memories combines two of my favorite things, eating and writing. It is “a 14-day annual end-of-the year event that combines inspiration, introspection, connection, fun, and creative expression. It is a fabulous way to relax, rekindle your creative spark, and reconnect with yourself and others as one year finishes and a new one comes along with fresh new possibilities.” There’s an amazing collection of contributors, some of my favorite people.

wonderfulpeopleReverb is my absolute favorite practice for reflecting on the year that’s winding down and contemplating the year to come, hosted by my friend Kat. This year’s theme is Alchemy, and for three weeks starting on December 1st, “you will receive a reflective writing prompt each day for the first three weeks of December. These have been designed — with the assistance of eight amazing women — as guideposts. Together, we will reflect on the gifts and disappointments of the year that’s passing and make space for a magical new year.” I blog my answers to the prompts, but you can do them privately in your own journal and keep them to yourself, or there’s even the opportunity this year to share them on the Wolf and Word Facebook page.

Reverb BB