Daily Archives: March 21, 2014

Gratitude Friday

springsky041. Spring weather. The above picture isn’t altered at all. That’s just what the sky looks like here when it’s clear and full strength.

2. An MRI for Sam, scheduled for next week. No matter what we find (or don’t), it will be a better answer than we have now.

3. Walking as a full pack, all four of us together.

waiting to get out of the car for our walk this morning

waiting to get out of the car for our walk this morning

4. Creating yoga vinyasas for yoga teacher training. Yesterday I put together one for heart opening (theme: presence without an agenda), one for hip opening (theme: freedom, release), and one for Grounding and Balance (theme: surrender). Now I just have to work out the kinks, memorize and be able to teach them. *gulp*

5. Getting a “superior” ranking on my annual evaluation at work, for the fourth year in a row.

Bonus Joy: Sam and Ringo playing and hanging out together, which they’ve been able to do a lot more of lately. It’s hard to get a picture of them playing, since they are moving so fast and most of them come out blurry, but here’s a few to prove it.