Day of Rest

???????????????????????????????This is the cover of my binder that I use for yoga pose cue sheets. As part of my yoga teacher training, after each weekend we are supposed to make cue cards,

…an index card for each asana with the English and Sanskrit names and an image of the pose (stick figure drawing or cut-and-paste image)…Larger index cards are helpful…to include more notes. As you cover each pose in class, note key actions, alignment, anatomy details, breath cues, imagery, and other insights on your cue cards. They should be easy to read for reference during practice teaching. This is a tool to facilitate your learning process…Cue cards are a dynamic record of your training and a great reference during and after this course.

I quickly discovered that index cards, even the larger ones, just weren’t big enough. I needed full sheets, entire pages, and a binder. I’m not sure if it’s because I need more support, more help learning this, or if it’s just how I always do things — going above and beyond the stated requirements. I know for sure that one reason is I am serious about this, I want to do this well. It matters to me.

P.S. A beautiful soundtrack to a lazy Sunday, any day of rest is available from NPR’s First Listen: Tycho, “Awake.” Besides old school R&B/funk and singer/songwriter’s like Aimee Mann, this is my absolute favorite kind of music, the sort equally good for writing or sitting in the yard in a lawn chair with a book or napping or going on a run.

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