Gratitude Friday

1. The wind. Let me explain. Windy is actually one of my least favorite weathers. However, yesterday there was a moment when I was crossing campus and noticed the way the shadows of the bare tree branches danced on the sidewalk and heard the soft whisper of that movement, and I felt so happy, content, and quiet — for a few minutes I was in love with the wind. Then it bit into me with its cold teeth and I was back to wishing it away.

2. Lilies, blooms as big as my head.

lilies3. Walking with sweet Sam. With a new puppy, and the below zero temperatures and snow of late, I had only been getting in a few short afternoon walks with Sam, his dad was getting (having?) to go in the mornings, but this week I got to go on the long morning walk, twice. I love that dog so much, wish he didn’t have to struggle.

4. Ringo, and even his alter ego, Wolverine. Our puppy class trainer the other night reminded us we should never use our dog’s name when we are mad at them or they are getting in trouble, that we want them to only have good associations with their name (helps with recall training). She said she’d gone as far as giving her dog a second name for when she’s getting in trouble. So, I have done the same for Ringo. His second name is Wolverine. And the unintended consequence is that when I remember to use it when I’m mad or he’s being bad (his new trick is chewing on the legs of the dining room table), it totally breaks the tension because I can’t say it without cracking myself up. I laugh instead of killing him. (I wouldn’t actually kill him).

5. Knowing that no matter what I do, things will turn out more or less okay, that I don’t actually have enough power or control to completely ruin anything.

Bonus Joy: A dry backyard. After weeks of being covered in snow, and then melting into a mess of ice and mud, it’s finally usable again. When you have two dogs, one who is only 13 weeks old, it’s kind of a big deal.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

  1. Jackie

    I can relate! I love the wind, sometimes, and hate the wind, sometimes. I guess it is all relevant to what is happening in that moment……I also chuckled at the idea of calling a dog Wolverine whilst being naughty – and when I saw his picture laughed again! What a lovely face 🙂


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