Sick Day

darntoughI have so much I want to tell you, kind and gentle reader, but I’ve been fighting with the crud for the past week and today it’s winning. I cancelled working out with my trainer and slept in, emailed work and apologized about the meeting I’m missing. My to-do list looks like this: a dose of Emergen-C with grapefruit juice, hot bath, clean pjs, soup, and back to bed. It’s also Kelly’s birthday, she would have been 41 today, and the sunrise was so amazing I just stood at the window saying “whoa” over and over again, so I’m really sad too. My socks might say “darn tough,” but I’m feeling awful tender.

10 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. Barbara Markway

    I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself. I just read your post about Kelly. She sounds like a wonderful person. I’m sure you miss her.

  2. Rita

    I hope your mind, body, and spirit got what they needed today. Sorry it was a tough one. Thank you for the link to your friend Kelly’s work. Now I am sad, too. But in a good way.


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