Gratitude Friday

1. Dexter’s continued good health, and the help we’ve had with that. After his physical therapy appointment yesterday, he was so happy, had so much energy, felt so good. He’s even been cleared to run a little again. We were in the backyard after his appointment soaking up the sun when Eric came home from work. In celebration, Dexter started tearing around the yard like a much younger version of himself–ears back, butt tucked, smile on his face. Such joy.

2. Clarity and space. A clear mind and a somewhat clear environment.

3. Spring. The sun, the birds singing, the green, the bud and the bloom. When I was in the backyard yesterday with the dogs, I thought to myself, “I am so happy right now.”

4. Open Heart Retreat. Later today, I am headed to Shambhala Mountain Center for a retreat led by the brilliant Susan Piver. I am so grateful for her, our shared practice, that I can afford to go, that Eric will be here to take care of our boys, and that Dexter is doing well enough that I won’t worry about him too much, (although, I’ve already warned Eric I’ll be calling three or four times a day to check on him).

5. Health care options. I am going to meet with my new doctor in about an hour. I am so lucky to be able to make choices, to get support in my efforts to be as healthy as possible.

Bonus Joy: You may have already guessed, but we had another week with sweet Mr. D. I took this picture this morning after we got done playing with his Little D.


12 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

  1. Jude Rush

    Jill, I wish you could tuck me in your pocket and take me with you to the OH retreat. If I still lived in Colorado, I would SO have been there. I hope it’s profoundly wonderful and wonderfully profound. ❤

      1. Jude Rush

        Thank you, Jill. I’ll be happy to be in your heart. It’s really warm in there.

        Sad thing is that I am going to be in Colorado *next* weekend – coming to Fort, actually, to see my daughter’s thesis presentation/defense. Timing is everything.

  2. eviegwatts

    Your pockets are going to be full. Count me in. I’ll be here knowing what it’s like to be up there, remembering what it’s like and sending my supporting thoughts for your weekend, enjoying a beautiful weekend here being active and creative. Pix to come! Love you Jill, evie

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      I missed you while I was there, Evie, but sat next to Susan and talked about how much we love you, and that made it feel a little bit better. It was an amazing retreat.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      I love making them, and sharing them makes it even better. What I love about the practice is that I find myself noticing more, being more aware during the week, as I look for, pay attention to what will go on my list.


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