Daily Archives: November 7, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday

from Jamie’s post

What change do you wish for?

A cultural shift from competition to compassion and cooperation. A fundamental change to our national, shared approach to everything: the environment, energy, the economy, healthcare, people’s rights, interaction with other cultures, disaster response, criminal justice, animal welfare, education–everything.

Clean water for every person in the world, (you could help change that).

Improved circumstances for women, every one in the world, (here’s one way you can help with this too).

A general easing of suffering, in myself and in the world.

A focus shift at Colorado State University from attracting and retaining new students, entertaining potential donors and alumni, to serving the existing population, both on campus and in the surrounding community. More specifically, I’d like to see the model shift from growth to sustainability.

Other change I wish for:
aggression –> kindness
scarcity, poverty mentality –> enoughness
inattention, distraction, confusion –> wakefulness, mindful awareness, wisdom
judgement –> equanimity
suffering –> peaceful abiding
“us against them” –> just us, shared human experience
numbness, rejection, resistance –> surrender, open hearts, wakefulness

For myself, I wish for a relationship with food that continues to evolve into one of health and wellness, acceptance of my paid work or an escape plan, and further development of self-care and self-love practices until they become the norm, my full time way of being.

And finally, as Dexter changes from alive and well to whatever comes after, I wish for him the easiest of transitions, the most peaceful passage, letting go.