August Break: Day Seventeen

They normally don’t pile on to a single dog bed together, but for two nights in a row this week, Dexter and Sam crowded on a tiny square in the living room, together.

I haven’t wanted to mention this, because I hardly wanted to believe it, but we took Dexter to the vet today. She put him under anesthesia and put a camera up his nose to see if she could figure out what was causing his reverse sneezing and occasional bloody nose. We have it narrowed down to two possibilities: lymphocytic plasmacytic rhinitis, which is treatable, or cancer, which would give us about another three months with him. We have to wait until at least Tuesday night or Wednesday morning for biopsy results.

So, kind and gentle reader, if my blog is a bit quiet for the next few days, that’s just the sound of my heart breaking.

10 thoughts on “August Break: Day Seventeen

  1. Anna

    oh no. Jill, i am so so sorry. my heart is breaking right along with yours and i’m praying it’s not cancer. we went through a cancer scare with my husband a couple of years ago and lost our last dog unexpectedly that same year, so i know how difficult this stuff is. the waiting and the not-knowing is the worst. i hope tuesday/ wednesday comes soon for you and that it’s good news and i will keep you and your boys in my thoughts and prayers. lots of love!

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Anna, I’m so sorry about your scare, and your pup! We lost our Obi three years ago to cancer, so hadn’t expected to be in this place again so soon, waiting for results, knowing that the worst news means our time will be so short, but I also have peace knowing he’s had such a happy life, been so loved. That’s the best any of us can hope for, and to have people like you supporting us along the way with love and good thoughts. I’m so grateful for you.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Ali, thank you so much! It really does help, just knowing there are people wishing love and healing for you raises your awareness of all that is good, even in a moment that seems so terrifying.

  2. Eydie


    I saw your recent posting on FB.
    Please allow only the positive thoughts to occupy your mind. Image bringing home a healthy and happy Dexter … imagine spending many more loving years togethers. Keep bringing in the light, for both you and Dexter.
    Much love to you.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Thank you, Eydie. Except for the panic I have been feeling, the anxiety, the thing I know for sure is that he has had a happy, full life, and that he’s been so loved, and that I’ve been lucky to have this time with him, and that there will be another dog after him that I will do my best to give the same life to, and ultimately none of the rest of it matters.


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