Daily Archives: May 9, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday

 Jamie took a break for a few weeks, but Wishcasting Wednesday is back!

What do you wish for your home?

Space. This does not at all mean we need a bigger house. Yes, our house is small, (1088 square feet), but there are three bedrooms (yes, tiny ones) and 1.5 baths, a one car garage, large living room, and a biggish backyard–plenty of space for two adults and two dogs. What there isn’t space for is all the stuff we’ve accumulated since we bought the house eleven years ago. We downsized by about 400 square feet, so purged a lot in that move, but there is more that could be done to start clearing out and letting go and getting more room to move around and breathe.

Cleanliness. I confess, I haven’t been keeping the cleanest house in the last year or so. By the end of the week, the laundry pile in the bathroom threatens to topple over and crush someone. The garage looks like a hoarder’s house. Everything is disorganized, disordered, and covered in a layer of dust, dirt, and dog hair. The dogs don’t seem to mind any of this, but they like to roll in dirt and eat dead stuff, so their opinion doesn’t count.

Value. By this I don’t mean property or market value or what we could sell the place for, what I mean is I’d like to have a house that is clearly loved and appreciated, and one that is filled with quality items that are cherished and useful.

Comfort. I often walk through my front door, greeted by two happy dogs, stand in the golden light of the entry, look around, sigh deeply, and think to myself, “I love my little house.”  I wish for this feeling to continue, to go on feeling soft, relaxed, and rested in this space.

Refuge. A feeling of safety, of shelter, the calm center in the midst of the storm.

Stability. I wish this for the physical structure of my home, but also the less tangible nature of the space, to be a place that feels solid and sane.

Joy. Wall-to-wall happiness, warmth, laughter, fun, play, pleasure, delight, and wonder.

Love. There can never be enough love, so I wish for more, and then for even more than that. I wish for love to fill every crack, every corner.