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Day of Rest: Mother’s Day


Whether you have your mother or don’t, whether you are a mother or aren’t, I invite you to consider all the traits that you believe make for a wonderful Mama. Today, notice and celebrate all of that within YOU, you powerful, compassionate, nurturing, creative, fierce, tender, resilient Love, You! ~Tanya Geisler

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again today, I am so grateful, so lucky to have the mom I do. I think about those without a mother, whether their mother has died or is simply absent or ineffective, and about what a sad thing that is, to have to become your own mother. For my entire life, I’ve had a mother who loves me, who wanted me, who took care of me and still does, when I let her. She has been and is a constant, loving presence in my life. I am so lucky. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

And to balance out the love fest, and because I am not a mother myself, I offer you Why I Hate Mother’s Day by Anne Lamott.

And finally, because he’s adorable and always makes me smile, a Mother’s Day message from Kid President.

P.S. A beautiful note from Geneen Roth this morning,

First, I wanted to wish you all a happy, sweet Mother’s Day. Whether you are a mother of a child or not, hopefully, you mother yourself, and you do with all the love you can muster.

So, today, whatever the situation, muster that love. That kindness. Allow yourself to make room for yourself. Sometimes that’s all it takes. We keep shoving ourselves out of the way, keep wanting to distract ourselves or numb ourselves from what we’re feeling. Muster the love. Lavish yourself with kindness. See what happens.

Day of Rest

I have always loved school, so when I was younger, I hated to have to stay home when I was sick. What made it okay was my mom would set me up on the couch with a nice warm blanket and pillows, and let me watch TV all day. She’d bring me soup and 7-Up and crackers, a grilled cheese sandwich if I was up to it. She’d give me medicine and provide general comfort. In this way, she taught me how to rest and care for myself. She also taught me that sometimes it’s okay, even if you aren’t sick, to take a mental health day, stay in your pjs all day and eat junk, watch movies or read books and take naps if that’s what you need to do.


Thanks for that, Mom. For that and for everything else. And to all the mothers out there, thanks for what you are doing, for how hard you are trying, for your soft and gentle presence, for your love and forgiveness, for the mess and the wreck of it, for staying even when it’s really, really hard and you want to run away from home.

And for those of you who, through various circumstances, have had to become your own mother, may there be some motherly grace, some wisdom, some kindness in your life today that softens that reality, and may you know that you are loved.