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Something Good

First on my list today has to be the Well-Fed Woman Retreatshop and Rachel Cole. 13 brave Fort Collins woman sat in a circle with Rachel yesterday, identifying and connecting with their hungers, trying to understand what was getting in the way of feeding them. I can’t stop thinking that we planted a seed, started something, and how powerful we can be, what great things we’ll do, how much love we’ll generate and spread. And when I think of that circle of women, so many of my favorites, I keep thinking of this quote: “What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.” ~Muriel Rukeyser

Ladybug on the cover of my new notebook. I didn’t even realize it was there, and then, while I was sitting in the above circle of women, I looked down, and there she was. Considering who was sitting next to me at the time (Kandyce), it was pretty special.

Wednesday is Tibetan New Year: the Year of the Water Dragon. Another chance to begin again, make a fresh start, and the Dragon is a powerful symbol for the coming year: “The Warrior of Inscrutable: Dragon” and “The Mind of the Dragon and the Power of Non-Self.”

image by Will Clayton

Quote from Sakyong Mipham Rinphoche: “Aggression comes about from a feeling of inadequacy. Non-aggression comes about from a feeling of worthiness.”

Brittni Mehlhoff’s “Art to Inspire” posts on Scoutie Girl.

Neil Gaiman and his voice. I wish he would read me to sleep every night.

The Story You Are Telling Yourself” by Daniel Collinsworth on Metta Drum. “You, and you alone, generate the story that tells you who you are. So why not make it a beautiful one?”

Letter Love 101: Art Journals” Lettering Class!!!! I have been looking for some kind of calligraphy or lettering class for a long time, and this one is perfect, just what I wanted without even knowing how to describe what I wanted. And the fact that it’s self-paced and unlimited access means I don’t have to feel pressured or guilty about the timing.

Alaskan Husky Exercise Wheel. This dog looks like it is having so much fun.

29 Soundbites On Writing And Publishing” on the Creative Penn. I don’t agree with all of them, but it’s an interesting list.

Claire Brewster‘s Papercut Map Art. This is so cool.

Everblooming Amaryllis. The one in my office at work currently has eight blooms.

Small Stone

Small Stone: Japanese Ladybug

Sitting in my office, at my computer, in Eddy Hall, eating an apple. I look down at my desk and see a bug is on its back, legs flailing wildly, trying unsuccessfully to right itself. I flip it over and–a ladybug! Where did she come from? How did she get in here? My apple is from Washington, did she ride all the way to Colorado on a Gala?

I hadn’t realized there were varieties of ladies, but apparently, she’s Japanese. The Asian lady beetle, sometimes known as the Halloween lady beetle or the Japanese lady beetle, range in color from yellow to orange to red, spots ranging from zero to 20, with “faces” that generally have a black “M”-like shape. Hers looks more like a “W” or a bird.

After spending some time with her, watching her crawl around on my desk, hand, and arm, thinking about Kelly (many who love and miss her have had an increase in ladybug sightings–one person saw one in church in the middle of winter, I encountered an entire colony last summer), I take her outside and let her go. Hopefully, if she’s not a native, this Colorado Winter won’t be too cold for her, mild as it’s seemed to the rest of us.