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Wishcasting Wednesday

What do you wish to believe in?


from jamie’s post

I wish to believe in the reality of change, impermanence, no ground or center that will hold, no safe place. I cause myself so much suffering clinging to these ideas, chasing after them.

I wish to believe in this, “The bad news is you’re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there’s no ground.” ~Chögyam Trungpa

I wish to believe in my inherent worth, my basic goodness, my fundamental wisdom and compassion and strength. I cause myself so much suffering through self-doubt, lack of confidence.

I wish to believe in the value of rest, of doing nothing, of giving nothing, the possibility of health and wellness.

I wish to believe in the possibility freedom, complete and utter freedom. Simplicity, space, ease, surrender, clarity, openness.

I wish to believe in my intuition, about my mission and my work, to have confidence that what I dream of will manifest, it will all work out, so I can relax into the experience, being in this moment, concentrating on doing one thing at a time, giving it my full attention.

I wish to believe in my value, to stop chasing after something “out there,” external validation and things, stuff and nonsense, and know that everything I need or want, I already have.


Full Sturgeon Moon Dreamboard

The Full Sturgeon Moon asks: “What is your intuition telling you about your dreams?”

Jamie says: “The fish influence doesn’t mean that things are ‘fishy’ but rather that there are shining, glimmering, messages just under the surface, in the waters of our intuition, and now is a beautiful time to notice them, to pay attention.”

The joy of making full moon dreamboards is first the magic of selecting the images, putting together the vision, manifesting the answer to the prompt, showing up and staying open, trusting what arises. And then, the secondary magic is interpreting the vision with words. It comes out like a poem, like remembering a dream, a surprise at the same time it’s the absolute truth, what you already knew without knowing. When I got to the end of this one, and this came, “The dream is now,” tears welled in the corner of my eyes, but happy ones–because I know it’s true.

My intuition tells me to live the dream.
To lighten up, relax, soften, be at ease, peaceful and gentle.
To make it an offering, a reflection of love, a still pool, a clean drink of water, a flower floating on the surface, magic that reflects, that ripples out and soothes.
To feed the true hungers, be well-fed and full.
To hold steady and strong like a tree, radiating light and love.
To be as light and strong and soft as a feather, capable of flight, able to see.
To create and make art, to embody wisdom and kindness through word and image and sound and movement and touch, to connect, to heal.
To trust that passion is energy, fuel, power.
Everything is illuminated.
Feel your best.
Bloom like a flower.
Be still like a deer.
Be quiet like a stone.
Be here, now.
Your dream is now.