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Full Flower Moon

Jamie asks: “What are you dreaming under this Full Flower Moon? This is the time when the buds have transformed into blooms, reminding us it is time to do the same. What are your full flower dreams? Who are you when you’re in full bloom?”

As seems to be the case with many things in my life, I’m a late bloomer — two days late making this dreamboard. And yet, it’s because I have been manifesting something pretty big (I can’t wait to tell you about it — details on Saturday!), using my energy to bloom and create, so it seems right that this one took a little extra time.

Full Flower Moon asks “How would you like to bloom? Who are you when you are in full bloom?”


Practice: yoga, meditation, writing.
Light filled space.
Breath, words, and music.

All the memoirs that had ever been,
the entire alphabet,
breath and magic.

Cultivate softness.
Radiate yourself.

You are a Bodhisattva,
a wisdom being,
fueled by mountain and ocean,
flower and tree,
bird, feather and flight,
green ground and vast blue sky.

Shantideva said:
May I be a protector to those without protection,
A leader for those who journey,
And a boat, a bridge, a passage
For those desiring the further shore.

Shantideva said:
May the pain of every living creature
Be completely cleared away.
May I be the doctor and the medicine
And may I be the nurse
For all sick beings in the world

I said: Life is tender and terrible,
beautiful and brutal —
may I keep my heart open.
May I be happy.
May I be healthy.
May I be peaceful.
May I live with ease.
May I ease suffering,
in myself and in the world.

#SmallStone: Day 14


everbloomingDust covering my desk, a strange name entered as the log in on my computer, last year’s calendar on the wall, expired protein drink and moldy cheese in the refrigerator, new toilet paper and soap dispensers in the bathroom, and one Everblooming Amaryllis. How long have I been gone?

Strength Training

Facing your fear, confronting your grief, softening to strong emotions and relaxing with discursive thoughts, staying with reality rather than getting hooked by a story or grasping at hope, letting go, surrendering instead of running away or rejecting or numbing out, is like lifting weights, like strength training–-the more you do it, the stronger you get, the more solid your confidence and courage become, the more open and whole your heart, the more complete and fulfilling your life.

And when the next wave of pain or suffering comes, it’s not so likely to knock you down. You will be less apt to freak out or fall over. You might even find that the strength of your core, the power of your presence is such that you stand as it washes over you, heart open and mind calm and surrounded by love even as your heart breaks.

The point is: the bad stuff won’t stop coming, won’t go away. There is no safe place, no ground to stand on that won’t continue to shift and change under your feet. What will happen is you will be able to stay with it, clarity and compassion and wisdom will arise, and you will find yourself rising up to meet it, strong and tender even if you are terrified.

You’ve got this. You know what to do. You are loved and you are not alone.