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Day of Rest (and Resurrection)

May love be resurrected in your heart today, and may it wash through each and every cell of your most sacred body, dripping out through your words, your presence, the way you listen, your willingness to care and get gooey messy and sticky in love, and through the way you touch and hold another. May love make use of your eyes to see, your ears to hear, your words to speak sweetness, your body to hold and touch; and may that love that keeps the stars from falling out of the sky guide you and show you the way home. (Matt Licata, on Many Voices, a Sounds True blog).

E is for Easter

When I think of Easter, my first thought is the flowers, tulips and daffodils especially. I was telling you the other day about the flower beds by the south entrance to the CSU campus, by the parking garage, a tiny universe of blooms in miniature.

I am amazed by them, because they are small, so tiny, but their effort and their impact is so bighearted. They remind me that you don’t have to be big, loud, or important to touch someone, to be noticed and adored, to make a difference in someone else’s life. Small is beautiful, too.

The tiny but kind gesture, the gentle act, the soft gaze, the loving whisper, your silence and stillness, fierce but tender compassion–these are considerable.

And Easter isn’t about the candy, or the fancy dress, or even going to church or having a big family dinner (or maybe I’m just saying that because I won’t have any of those things today), it’s about something much bigger–or actually, maybe Easter is about something much smaller and more precious, something we are usually too busy or distracted to notice.

Easter is about new beginnings, a fresh start, the chance to begin again, and the call to service and to love. Easter asks us to slow down, be quiet and still, be humble and small, but to also open our hearts, be brave, and love with all our effort and gentleness.

We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love. ~Mother Teresa

Kind and gentle reader, I wish you an Easter day filled with small things and great love. Remember that you are precious, and gentleness is your superpower.