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#augustbreak2013 Day 24


When we got home from hiking today, after spending seven long miles together moving in an open space of quiet and solitude that brought me right back around to myself, the bees were feeding, making a ruckus. It’s one of my favorite sounds of summer, a song of plenty. They are so focused on the flowers that you can stand right in the middle of them, feeling them brush up against you from time to time, and have no fear.

Gratitude Friday

1. Generosity and kindness and love, between friends and strangers, enemies even, the way it can transform a moment or a life, how the benefit goes both ways, giving and receiving.

2. Fresh, local food. Strawberries, still in season. Watermelon, season almost done and being savored, devoured. Peaches, a moment of sunshine in my mouth. Tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden, still and so many.

gardensweetberries3. The surprise of a humming bird feeding on our Bee Plants, the happy return of the bees after they’d sprayed for mosquitoes the night before and I worried about them all night, the sweet way Eric rinsed off the plants at dawn just in case, the crazy loud commotion of their breakfast later that morning.

4. My new tarot deck. I am learning so much, feeling guided, helped, loved.

magicallittleme5. Morning walk at Reservoir Ridge. We had to make it a short one because as soon as the sun came up it started getting hot, but it was a good reminder that we live in a beautiful place.

Bonus Joy: Sam, what he teaches me about change, what he shows me about the confusion of my anxiety, and the comfort of his companionship.

August Break: Day Nine

I am utterly obsessed with our Rocky Mountain Bee Plants and the hundreds of bees, yellow jackets, bumble bees, ants, and occasional butterfly or hummingbird that feed from them.

I go out in the morning and stand amazed next to that riot of noise and activity, color and smell. All those soft animal bodies, that busy insect and plant life, working so hard, doing so naturally what they do.

I am endlessly fascinated by the tiny spikes and curls on the plants, the pollen covered legs of the bees and the lines of dark veins in their transparent wings, so fragile and yet the very thing that allows them the gift of flight.

I am completely humbled by the fact that I never planted or planned any of this, but rather one day these interesting “weeds” showed up in my flower bed and I decided to wait and see what they would look like, having no idea that three years later they would grow taller than me and feed what seems like all the bees in Fort Collins.

I can’t stop taking pictures of it, of them.