Daily Archives: March 6, 2023

Something Good

1. Let’s Talk Memoir, “a podcast for memoir lovers, readers and writers, featuring interviews with memoirists about their writing process, their challenges, and what they’ve learned about sharing the most personal of narratives. Hosted by writer, speaker, and memoirist Ronit Plank, each episode of this limited series highlights different aspects of the memoir writing experience, writing tips, and inspiration.”

2. The Case for Hanging Out“There’s a growing crisis in our social lives. Could the cure be this simple?”

3. Permission: Time to Choose“What permission does is remind us that we have choices, and what our limited life span means is that our choices matter.”

4. The book is hereI just preordered my copy of Maggie Smith’s memoir, You Could Make This Place Beautiful, because, again, poets write the most beautiful memoirs.

5. Share Your Wisdom: What spiritual/life lessons have you learned from your pet? on Lion’s Roar. I think I might have to do this.

6. How to Not Burn Out on Lion’s Roar. “Sustainable activism begins with not calling yourself an activist, says Keisha Bush.”

7. Wisdom from Pema Chödrön: “Joy has to do with seeing how big, how completely unobstructed, and how precious things are.”

8. 10 Books By Living Black Women to Read During Women’s History Month.

9. The news ≠ your life by Oliver Burkeman. “You hear it said that it’s a marker of privilege to be able to back off from the news – to spend a pandemic planting bulbs in your backyard, or get absorbed in your creative work while democracy declines. But if it really has become a privilege to retain one’s sanity, I think it’s one the privileged need to exercise, not disavow. In an era when the news leaves half your friends paralysed by misery, it’s no indulgence to make time for whatever’s pleasurable or engrossing in your life. On the contrary, the world needs sane people more than ever.”

10. How to Deal With a Narcissist When You’re an IntrovertFor about ten years, I worked for a narcissist and it was incredibly painful. I wish I’d understood then what was happening, been able to access resources like this for support and guidance.

11. 3 Things to Do When a Family Member Won’t Change Their Toxic Behavior.

12. An Open Letter To The Next Generation Of Artists by Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter. Really, this advice applies to any human of any sort. RIP Wayne Shorter.

13. Imperfect your memories from Austin Kleon.

14. Selected artwork from Sarah GrahamGorgeous.sg05_2020_sarah_graham_paeonia_emodi_iisarah_graham_paeonia_hillary_ink_on_paper_2019

15. I’m a nutritionist from Japan, home to the world’s longest-living people—here are 5 longevity foods we eat every day.

16. Restoring Dignity to Our Animal Kin on Tricycle. “Anthropologist Amanda Stronza reflects on death, grief, and the profound interconnections between animals and humans.”

17. Margaret Atwood Is Still Sending Us Notes From the Future on The New York Times. “Her new story collection, ‘Old Babes in the Wood,’ offers elegiac scenes from a marriage plus a grab bag of curious fables.”

18. Abstract Masses of Porcelain Consume Embracing Figures in Sculptures by Artist Claudia Fontes.

19. Artist Reorganizes Found Organic Objects Into Visually Satisfying Arrangements.

20. in praise of I don’t knowa poem from Maya Stein. 

21. Video of Philly Teen Reacting to Being Accepted to Morehouse Goes Viral(video). “Amir Staten from Germantown was jumping for joy in the rain after finding out he was going to Morehouse College. The video of the young man went viral after his mom posted his reaction to social media. NBC10’s Leah Uko spent time with the family, to learn more about the journey that led up to the special moment.”

22. FurtureMe: Write a letter to your future self“Write. Pick a receiving date. Send. Verify. That’s it 😊 Your letter is safe with us – we’ve sent over 20 million letters in 20 years!”

23. Pep Talk: on Getting Unstuck from Maggie Smith.

24. Man sees frog living in his fence and builds ‘Frodrick’ a customized house with a fancy pool.

25. Puppy Plays Tug of War With Horse(video)

26. Surpising kurt with fish(video)

27. Thoughts from this morning from Susannah Conway.

28. 6 scholars explain what a real climate solution is.

29. Self-care is important – but we shouldn’t mistake it for feminist action“As long as there is a big gap between the women who have the most freedoms, and those with the least, our work as feminists is not over.”

30. Everyone messes up. Here’s how to say you’re sorry.

31. “I don’t know” from Seth Godin.

32. The ‘inside magic’ of healing and growth.

33. Some people (we are all some people) from Jena Schwartz.

34. How Introverts and Sensitive People Can Finally Stop People Pleasing.

35. Somebody Somewhere Is Coming Back, and It’s as Lovely as Ever“Bridget Everett and company preview the second season of their HBO cult favorite—a show that’s low-stakes in all the best ways.” I adore this show.

36. How to Feel Alive Again on The New York Times.