Something Good

1. If you’ve ever wanted to take a break from the internet, try these tips“If you ever feel nostalgic for the pre-internet era (or wonder what it was like), Pamela Paul, author of 100 Things We’ve Lost To The Internet, reveals a few ways you can reconnect with an analog way of life.”

2. How to overcome FOMO“Worrying about whether we’re missing out on new experiences, content, trends and even investments can make us feel like we’re falling behind. But we can actually overcome that feeling and be present with what we have. Here’s why we experience FOMO in the first place, how to know when that feeling is serving us and how to move past it when it gets in the way.”

3. Sculpt The World on Instagram. “Artist Jon Foreman, Land Art / Sculpture based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.” In related news, Land artist Jon Foreman, whose canvas is a beach (video), “Artist Jon Foreman finds inspiration in nature and a receding tide, using rocks that he finds, or raked sand, to turn the beaches of Wales into spectacular designs that are destined to be washed away. Correspondent Seth Doane reports on landscape art that is stunning – and fleeting,” and Artist creates stunning land art masterpieces by arranging stones in hypnotic patterns.

4. White Antiracist History; White Antiracist Mobilization: The Vision Statement for the White Antiracist Ancestry Project“The premise of the White Antiracist Ancestry Project is simple: it will be easier for us to mobilize masses of White people for racial justice if they have powerful examples of White antiracism to learn from and be inspired by.”

5. The Buffalo shooting shuttered Tops and left a food desert. Locals are stepping inIn related news, Community Resource Document in Response to Tragedy at Tops on Jefferson Ave in Buffalo, NY, and Buffalo shooting victims: ‘Hero’ guard and a teacher who was a ‘pillar of the community’ are among 10 killed.

6. 18 Most Bizarre Mushroom And Fungi Species In The WorldIn related news, Wonderful photos of Australian fungi by Steve Axford.

7. Trusting our Deepest Intuition in a Crisis from Jeff Foster on Facebook. “Let your own deepest inner wisdom be your guide. And you shall gather around you wise friends and healers, kind and skilled experts, and those who truly have your best interests at heart.”

8. Blue Atlas by Steven Church. A beautiful short piece about a tree (but so much more).

9. Hyperrealistic Marine Life Portraits Highlight the Ocean’s Incredible Biodiversity.

10. Living Near Racists Can Literally Make You Sick“New research links living in more racist communities to bad health outcomes for everyone — including white people.”

11. ‘S.N.L.’ Says Goodbye to Multiple Cast Members on The New York Times.

12. David Sedaris on the death of his father: ‘I don’t think the coffin could have been any uglier’.

13. Scientists discover an ancient forest inside a giant sinkhole in China.

14. 20 of the coolest holiday cabins in Europe“From Scandinavian rustic-luxe to floating eco-cabins in the south of France, we pick cosy and stylish hideaways in forests and lakeland.”

15. 22 Ways To Simplify Your Life from Courtney Carver on Be More With Less.

16. Where is ‘Harry’s House’ anyway? Harry Styles explains.

17. Bird-watcher wrongfully accused in Central Park video gets a bird-watching TV show.

18. Restaurant owner taps baby formula stash — gives it away for freeDo what you can with what you have where you are.

19. Karine Jean-Pierre’s Unlikely Rise to the White House Lectern on The New York Times. “The first Black and first openly gay press secretary was raised in an immigrant family with ‘so many secrets.’ Now she occupies one of the most scrutinized jobs in American politics.”

20. There Is Enough Food, Just Not Enough Food Access“Community fridge networks across the country are an important start—and symbol—in the work to make sure everyone has enough to eat.”

21. Selma Blair on living with MS: ‘My doctors urged me not to go public. They worried I wouldn’t get work’“In an extract from her new memoir, the actor remembers the moment she found out she had multiple sclerosis – and finally understanding why her body had been betraying her for years.”

22. What Do Most Mass Shooters Have in Common? They Bought Their Guns Legallyon The New York Times. “From 1966 to 2019, 77 percent of mass shooters obtained the weapons they used in their crimes through legal purchases, according to a comprehensive survey of law enforcement data, academic papers and news accounts compiled by the National Institute of Justice, the research wing of the Justice Department.”

23. Announcing the winner of the 2022 Tiny Desk Contest

24. Photographer digitizes hundreds of never-seen images of Inuit communitiesIn related news, Through a Lens, Documenting Indigenous Culture: Matika Wilbur is attempting to photograph every federally recognized tribe in the U.S.

25. Many know how George Floyd died. A new biography reveals how he lived.

26. How to build a culture of support so leaders and movements can thrive“Self-sacrifice and isolation are draining movements of powerful and passionate leaders. Personal support teams can help.” In related news, from Andrea Gibson, Mental Health Tips For Activists And How to Not Burn Out.

27. ‘Each little thing in my life is precious’: Ken Watanabe on cancer, childhood and Hollywood cliches“His role in The Last Samurai changed Hollywood’s attitude to Asian characters overnight – but illness very nearly ended his career. He discusses recovery, regret and yakuza drama Tokyo Vice.”

28. The Pandemic Still Isn’t Over. So What Now? on The New York Times.

29. Yuna, R&B’s Malaysian Star, Is Back With Y5, A Collection of 5 Eps Set To Be Released Throughout The Year.

30. ‘Every guy was hitting on me’: actor Rosie Perez on Botox, boxing – and the casting couch“Spike Lee championed her, but she still had to battle misogyny and racism to make it to the top. Now, more in demand than ever, she talks about her trailblazing career.”

31. This Woman Shared Her Awful Experience Getting Body Shamed And Judged At A Yoga Studio And Thousands Of People Are Sharing Similar ExperiencesIn related news, Jordan Peterson quits Twitter after calling plus-size model Yumi Nu’s SI Swimsuit cover ‘not beautiful’, and No Health, No Care: The Big Fat Loophole in the Hippocratic Oath (“Medical fatphobia isn’t the result of providers not knowing some special cheat codes for working with fat patients. Providers didn’t all miss the day in medical school where students were taught how not to be cruel to fat people. Fatphobia is medicine’s status quo”), and When I Stopped Apologizing for My Fatness, I Started to Heal.

32. [The First] All-Black Team of Climbers Successfully Summits Mount Everest.

33. A Look Inside Tokyo’s Smallest Luxury Apartment.

34. A mass mobilization of democracy is the only way to stop white supremacyIn related news Why do white supremacists want to kill Black people?: What are the roots of this violence and how do we fight it?

35. The air conditioning paradox“How do we cool people without heating up the planet?”

36. A Man Knocked Down His Basement Wall, Discovering Ancient Underground City That Housed 20,000 People.

37. Black shelter animals weren’t getting adopted. A photographer had an idea: glam shotsI always choose the black dog if there is one.

38. One Good Thing: Watching the cherry blossoms in the end times“The Japanese tradition of hanami is the highlight of every spring.”

39. Good stuff from Seth Godin: Possibility is fragile and The smallest viable audience.

40. The Normalization of “Working Through Covid”. “We have worked through so much these last two years — intermittent or nonexistent childcare, abject terror, a contested election, an attempted coup, ongoing climate catastrophes that have made it dangerous to go outside, ongoing and targeted racial violence — that somehow working through fatigue, or brain fog, or what might initially feel like a mildly elevated cold feels….normal? Like the right thing to do? And that taking time off when so many others don’t have the ability to do so is somehow insulting? And I mean what else are you going to do?

But I am here to say — to myself as much as any of you faced with this decision — that this is line of thinking is morally bankrupt. It has productivity culture brainworms. It is evidence of the most toxic scarcity mindset, and one of the most pernicious side-effects of the spread of ‘flexible’ work. And if you’re reading these sentences and immediately coming up with justifications for why you worked or would work through Covid, it’s worth thinking about why.”

41. See No Stranger: Others, Opponents, Ourselves“the revolutionary love learning hub.”

42. #32. Paper bag (a poem recommendation): On ordinariness and grocery stores

43. When the mind’s eye is blind from Austin Kleon. My husband has this. Once he figured it out, it explained so much.

44. Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn Are all Stress Responses—Here’s What Psychologists Say Each Means.

45. Fold an Elaborate Origami Menagerie with DIY Instructions from Jo Nakashima.

46. Delicate porcelain sculptures of cross-cut pods encased with seeds and other vegetables by Sally Kent.

47. Wildflowers, Trees, and Quaint Cabins Spring From Su Blackwell’s Book Sculptures.

48. What Do Writing a Novel and Tending a Garden Have in Common?

49. We need a hope machine. Anyone know how to build one? “Don’t kick yourself for feeling lousy. You have every right to feel that way. But let me say something else as clearly as I can. I’ve been at this fight a very long time, and right now I find lots of reasons for hope. Ten, to be exact.”

50. Garments of Grass and Flowers by Jeanne Simmons Fuse Bodies to the Landscape.

51. How Movement Can Help Introverts ‘Cure’ Overthinking. “Exercising can help ‘cure’ your overthinking mind by getting you to focus on something external vs. internal.”

52. These 90-Year-Old Runners Have Some Advice for You on The New York Times. “Runners at the National Senior Games in Miramar, Fla., competed in events ranging from the 50 meters to 1,500 meters. Their secret? ‘You’ve got to keep moving.'”

53. Elyse Myers’ TikToks are funny, yet insightful anecdotes on her mental health. I adore her.

P.S. I know the last two lists have been LONG, kind and gentle readers, but I will be taking a break from making lists the first three Mondays of June, so take your time, pace yourself!

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