1. Morning walks. I love that where we live is so close to so many beautiful spots, with water and wildlife, a system of miles and miles of trails. I love walking them day after day, season after season, year after year, dog after dog.

2. Reading. At any given time, I am at minimum actively reading three books. Usually there’s one dharma book and one creativity book I read a chapter from each morning (currently it’s Radical Dharma and How to Tell a Story), and either a memoir or novel or essay/short story collection before I go to sleep (currently it’s The Overstory). Recently it’s been showing up on this list because I feel like I’m rediscovering just how much I love it, just how essential it is in my life.

3. Retreating with Calyx. I went into it with an open mind, with an intention, a loose plan, and some expectations for sure but also allowing for whatever might arise. We’d been talking about doing something like this together for a while. I got so much out of it, and now we are planning to do the same on a more regular basis. Of note from this time was reading Calyx passages from the book I’m working on. It felt good to have her hear it but I was also hearing it too, reminding myself that it matters, to keep going.

4. Spring. Wow. Things are really greening up, budding out and blooming. The only thing I’m sad about is there’s a chance that the trip we have planned to Oregon is going to happen at the same time my peonies are in bloom, and I would really hate to miss them.

5. My tiny family, tiny home, tiny life. I say it just about every week, but there’s really nowhere I’d rather be, no one I’d rather be with, and it’s everything I ever wanted.

Bonus joy: lunch plans with Carrie, making art with Calyx and Janice, plans to see Chloe’ and Hendrix, taking a walk with Barb, the hydromassage chair, the pool, the sauna, small group training with Shelby, bird song, birds at the feeder, bees, vaccines, smart phones, paint, berries, lemon yogurt almonds, listening to podcasts, true crime, music documentaries, online appointment scheduling, good vet care for Ringo, naps, food I didn’t have to cook, clean pajamas, pay day, therapy, reading in bed at night while Ringo and Eric sleep.

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