Something Good

1. Poems in a Time of Crisis on The New York Times.

2. The power of the dog and how pets are helping Ukrainians cope with war. In related news, Ukraine-Russia crisis: ‘I left my husband behind at the border. My heart is broken.’ “Alisa, 35, who fled to Poland with her family and dogs, describes their dangerous and emotional journey.”

3. This New Book Says We Should All Be Trying Less Hard. “Burnout is real, and it’s brutal. But maybe it can be stopped. Greg McKeown speaks to VICE about how his new book, ‘Effortless,’ can help.”

4. Americans are besieged by stress, poll finds. “Concerns over nuclear war and inflation — following two years of a pandemic — have Americans more stressed than ever.”

5. 5 Signs You’re Dealing With A Toxic Parent As An Adult (And How To Cope). “Even as adults, we crave our mom and dad’s love and approval. A toxic parent will exploit that.”

6. Black business ownership is higher than pre-pandemic. Women are driving that growth.

7. Some people aren’t ready to stop masking, but it can be tough to go against the grain.

8. Emilio Delgado, Luis on ‘Sesame Street’ for 45 years, dies.

9. Jane ‘Nightbirde’ Marczewski funeral: Friends, family honor ‘America’s Got Talent’ singer.

10. Recipe I want to try: charred cauliflower quesadillas.

11. Movements, Missing Stairs and Lindo Bacon. This is so incredibly disappointing, and I’m so glad people like Lindley are willing to take the time to talk about it.

12. Body neutrality is one way to reject diet culture. Here’s what that means. “Body neutrality offers an alternative way of thinking that de-emphasizes appearance in favor of what your body can do.”

13. Accessing Joy and Finding Connection in the Midst of Struggle. Karen Walrond on Brene’ Brown’s podcast, “If you’re struggling with how to be fully connected in your life and feel joy and acknowledge beauty and also fight for the things that we need to fight for right now, this will be a great podcast for you. It was a game changer for me.”

14. Making Decisions When You Can’t Decide.

15. Elizabeth Gilbert on what dogs teach us, “& an essay and prompt by Nadia Bolz-Weber on creatures great and small.”

16. Becoming news-resilient. “[T]here’s one prediction I feel confident in making: even if the pandemic and Putinism were to fade to nothing within weeks, the news cycle isn’t about to become less panic-inducing, less filled with existential threat. Which means that figuring out how to consume news sanely – how to keep your head, when everyone on social media is losing theirs – is only going to become an even more critical skill for living a composed and purposeful life.”

17. I Don’t Know How to Write About War from Laurie Wagner.

18. Vibrant Embroideries by Hillary Waters Fayle Enhance the Natural Beauty of Preserved Leaves.

19. Superficial Self-Care? Stressed-Out Teachers Say No Thanks.

20. Vibrant Tiled Mosaics by Ememem Repair Gouged Pavement and Fractured Sidewalks.

21. Why Your Essay Got Rejected. “So why were they getting rejected? For that matter, why are you? And what can you do about it?”

22. If You Love to Write Just Wait Until You Try Not Writing.

23. Zero, an essay on Creative Nonfiction. “She could only take what fit in a suitcase and a duffel.”

24. We Need This Wisdom More Than Ever on Lion’s Roar. “Trudy Goodman reflects on the crisis in Ukraine and increasing conflict throughout the world, and shares the Buddhist teachings we must take to heart at this time.”

25. Why Art Is Not Frivolous, But Necessary. “The many reasons creativity leads to a better world.”

26. Say yes and never do it from Austin Kleon.

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