Daily Archives: November 15, 2021

Something Good

1. How to write a poem from Rita’s Notebook.

2. You Do Not Need to Sell This Life Today. “Listen, I’m not saying aesthetics aren’t fun. But when they’re a response, in one way or another, to a much larger sadnesses — they simply cannot save us.”

3. Designs from Kimono Pattern Books (ca. 1902). “In these images from three pattern books published by Honda Unkindō (ca. 1902), we glimpse both evolving tradition and modern fictions, which imbued the kimono with complex associations of national heritage.”

4. Terribleminds Gift Guide 2021. “It is again the time of the year for merriment and mirth and wanton capitalism, and because that this year we have things like the chaotic supply chain and shipping issues and something called ‘inflation,’ I figure it’s best to get the annual gift guide out the door and into your eyeballs as soon as possible.”

5. 5 Days of Mandala Magic, FREE. “This 5 Day Workshop offers a unique insight into the Mandala Magic method and is suitable for beginners + anyone interested in exploring the process as a creative practice.”

6. How to Unleash Your Creativity on Lion’s Roar. “Informed by the profound teachings of Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, Geshe Tenzin Wangyal tells us how to unleash powerful creative energy we can use anywhere, from the office to the art studio.”

7. It’s a Kashian Staycation – New Album and Video Special Release Party. “Early Thanksgiving – Jackie Kashian at home introduces you to her new album and special before everyone. It’s a Kashian Stay-Kashian. She’s at home. You’re at home. See and hear clips from the new show before everyone. Featuring special guests: Maria Bamford, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Guy Branum.”

8. The hilarious Nick Offerman on acting, the pandemic, and hiking ‘on purpose’.

9. 10 Things That Support My Content Creation Habit. This is specifically about creating content for your business, but it applies to creating content in general.

10. Planting a Life—and a Future—After Prison. “The residential and employment program on a North Carolina organic farm helps formerly incarcerated women find a new path.”

11. White House decries Republican over video depicting violence against AOC. May she be safe, may she be well, may she be happy, may she live with ease and continue to do her good work, make good trouble.

12. 7 Things I Learned by Collaborating with Indigenous Wisdom Keepers.

13. Some of you are doing mindfulness wrong and it shows. “There’s a thin line between ‘being in the moment’ and purposely avoiding difficult emotions.”

14. Andrea Gibson’s New Poetry Collection Keeps Mortality in Mind. In related news, “You Better Be Lightning”: Andrea Gibson on Gratitude and Peace Through Poetry.

15. Adele: ‘It Fucking Devastated Me’, a Rollings Stone interview. “How she turned heartache over her divorce into her most honest album yet.”

16. Raye Zaragoza: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert. “For Native American Heritage Month, we wanted to feature Indigenous musicians that break out of the preconceptions that many have of Indigenous music. Raye Zaragoza does just that, planting herself firmly in the folk genre, a tradition often reduced to white musicians with acoustic guitars.”

17. Black American History, a series of videos from Crash Course, “Clint Smith teaches you Black American History in 50 episodes.” Hey, I have a crazy idea: we should teach this in schools!

18. The Pandemic’s Not Over but We Have Tacos: A Call for More Patience & Compassion from Jena Schwartz.

19. Everything Good Will Die. “Learning to live with uncertainty” by Ijeoma Oluo.

20. Making phone calls to the departed. “At a park in Washington State, a rotary telephone, not connected to any line, has become a tool for the grieving to connect with lost loved ones – a source of solace for those left behind.”

21. Reviews of The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr. “A debut novel about the forbidden union between two enslaved young men on a Deep South plantation, the refuge they find in each other, and a betrayal that threatens their existence.” I just finished reading this, and it was brilliant.